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Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Swaytronic LiPo Safe Bag

Swaytronic LiPo SAFE-BAG. Protect yourself and your surroundings with the Swaytronic LiPo Safe Bag.Made of fire-resistant material for optimal initial protection.... CAUTION. The Lipo Safe Bag are designed to provide initial protection in the event of a battery fire. These products are not suitable for long-term storage of LiPos and accumulators. For a storage solution, Swaytronic recommends theLiPo Safe Case. 

Swaytronic LiPo Safe Bag (30 cm, 23 cm)
RC LiPo bag
Quantity discount
12.– per piece for 2 units

Swaytronic LiPo Safe Bag

30 cm, 23 cm

2. Swaytronic LiPo Box

Swaytronic LiPo BOX black. Protect yourself and your environment with the Swaytronic LiPo BOX.Size: 250 x 150 x 100mm, made of fireproof material for optimal protection.

3. Li-Polar bat safe

Li Polar LiPo Box Bat Safe.

4. Robbe LiPo safe

Seal LiPo box ro-safety small.

5. Swaytronic LiPo Box S

Swaytronic LiPo BOX white. Protect yourself and your environment with the Swaytronic LiPo BOX.Size: 185 x 75 x 60mm, made of fireproof material for optimal protection.

Swaytronic LiPo Box S (18.50 cm, 7.50 cm)
RC LiPo bag
Quantity discount

Swaytronic LiPo Box S

18.50 cm, 7.50 cm

6. Modster Bat-safe Lipo Safe

Everyone knows the dangers that LiPo batteries bring with them. The one or the other has such a battery already burst into flames. With the Modster Bat-safe you have robust and reliable protection for your Lipo batteries. The product was developed by Tom Mast, a renowned aeronautical engineer and enthusiastic model pilot. The idea came to him when his house almost went up in flames. The Bat-safe is designed so that batteries can be charged and stored inside. The charging cables are led out through a flame-proof opening. If the battery burns, the pressure inside can be led outside. This is done through the upper ventilation holes, and at the same time the smoke is filtered so that no harmful substances escape to the outside. Inside the box, up to 800° can occur during a fire. Due to the special insulation, the bottom and side walls become hot up to a maximum of 80°. The escaping gas reaches a maximum temperature of 150°. You can store or charge two 3S LiPo with 2200mAh in the box without any problems. 

Modster Bat-safe Lipo Safe (30 cm, 21.50 cm)
RC LiPo bag

Modster Bat-safe Lipo Safe

30 cm, 21.50 cm

7. EP Pocket

EP LiPo Pocket, depth: 175 mm, width: 75 mm, number of compartments: 1 ×, height: 60 mm, design: box.

8. Robbe LiPo SAFE XL

Robbe LiPo-Box ro-safety XL large.

Robbe LiPo SAFE XL (30 cm, 22.50 cm)
RC LiPo bag

Robbe LiPo SAFE XL

30 cm, 22.50 cm

9. G.T. Power Small

Depth: 230 mm, Width: 180 mm, Number of compartments: 1 ×, Height: 4 mm, Design: Pocket.

G.T. Power Small (23 cm, 18 cm)
RC LiPo bag
Quantity discount
7.90 per piece for 3 units

G.T. Power Small

23 cm, 18 cm

10. EP LiPo Carrier

EP LiPo Carrier, depth: 180 mm, width: 240 mm, number of compartments: 1 ×, height: 65 mm, design: pocket.