Best BERG products in the Go-karts category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best BERG products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. BERG Buzzy

BERG Buzzy
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BERG Buzzy

2. BERG Reppy

The Berg Reppy GoKart is a go-kart like no other. If you are looking for a great outdoor vehicle for your child, you can not go wrong with this product. The manufacturer Berg Toys is especially known and loved for its very high quality toys. The special features of this go-kart are its above-average sporty steering wheel, bucket seat, oscillating axle and 10" EVA solid tires, which make it virtually impossible to get a flat tire on this vehicle. The bucket seat, which can be adjusted to four different positions, makes it easy for kids to get on, which is why the recommended age to use this Reppy go-kart is 2.5-6 years old. However, this car also has a number of advantages for parents: Firstly, the vehicle weighs only a low 9 kilograms, which favors easier carrying. And secondly, this first advantage is reinforced by a comfortable handle on the frame of the go-kart. This makes it easier to clean up and store the vehicle after use. So it's safe to say that this Berg Reppy go-kart is the ideal outdoor toy for active and fun experiences for you and your child. 

3. BERG Soundbox

Your pedal go-kart experience becomes even more lifelike with the Soundbox M, which produces four different sounds: Braking, honking, engine starting and accelerating. The Reppy models Racer and Rebel are equipped with a soundbox as standard. For the Rider, the soundbox is available as an accessory. 

4. BERG John Deere Pedal Go Kart BFR

This John Deere pedal go-kart is equipped with the unique BFR hub, which allows braking and forward and reverse pedaling. For increased safety, forward and reverse pedaling are automatic without additional operation of a lever or shifter. Standard with license plate holder. Other accessories optional. Dimensions of the go-kart: 157.5 x 88 x 102 cm. Go-kart is delivered disassembled in two boxes. 

BERG John Deere Pedal Go Kart BFR

BERG John Deere Pedal Go Kart BFR

5. BERG buzzy nitro

The four extra-cool EVA solid tyres not only provide definitive protection against punctures, but also make the pedal go-kart extremely safe and stable. The pedal go-kart drives both forwards and backwards. It comes to a complete stop in just a few seconds. The BERG Buzzy Nitro is suitable for children from 2 to 5 years old. The handlebars and seat are easy to adjust.

Not only does the pedal go-kart look great, it is also an ideal tool for small children to learn how to pedal. At first they will keep their feet on the ground, but before you know it, they'll be pedalling hard and whizzing around the house, garden or neighbourhood!

The direct transmission and the unique ergonomics make learning to drive very easy for every child. Always control the handlebars and pedals, as both function independently. Whisper-quiet EVA solid tyres, so never a flat tyre again. Stable and safe on four wheels and with swing axle. Very easy and light as a feather pedalling thanks to ball bearings and unique ergonomics. Grows with you thanks to the adjustable handlebars and saddle. Rides forwards and backwards.

6. BERG GO² Slider

The GO² Slider from BERG is the ideal product for you if you want to support your child in finding joy in his natural development. This toy can be beneficial in several different stages of your child's life. If your child is 10-20 months old, this slide car can be used for learning how to walk, steer and sit. Then later - at 20-30 months - your child can use this product as a pedal go-kart. The pedals needed for this are already included - you only need to fold them out to the side. Even if the pedals are already folded out, your child can easily move his legs past them and is thus not forced to use them. Pedaling itself is made as easy as possible for your child, as the slider features BERG's Direct Drive technology. Since the saddle of this vehicle has an elongated shape, there is no need to adjust it as your child grows - so it virtually grows with your child. Thanks to the pleasantly soft handles and quiet tires, the comfort of this slide car is perfectly rounded off. This minimalist, ergonomic product is thus a real eye-catcher!

Features BERG GO² Slider:

* Sliding fun already from 10 months
* Integrated pedals can be adjusted according to use
* Available in different colors
* Puncture-proof, comfortable, soft tires
* Pleasant steering system
* From a height of 70 to 100 cm suitable
* Loadable up to 20 kilograms
* Product dimensions: L65x W45x H44cm.

7. BERG John Deere Buddy Tret

The Berg Buddy guarantees years of fun. This pedal go-kart has a sturdy metal frame that can take a lot. In addition, the seat and steering wheel are adjustable, so you always have the ideal seating position on your Berg Buddy. The Berg Buddy is equipped with the unique patented BFR system. BFR is short for Break, Forward, Reverse. The BFR system allows you to brake with the pedals and reverse immediately after stopping. This makes the Berg Buddy extremely easy and light to drive. Thanks to the four wheels, the Berg Buddy offers excellent stability. So you can drive quickly and safely even through tight turns. The Berg Buddy is equipped with a swing axle. Thanks to this axle, the front wheels can oscillate slightly up and down to compensate for unevenness in the ground. This keeps the Berg .Buddy stable on the ground. After all, safety comes first. The Berg Buddy is equipped with pneumatic tires. These tires have a lower rolling resistance and make pedaling easier. This makes you ride especially effortless and fast. Thanks to the pneumatic tires, the Berg Buddy is particularly comfortable to ride. 

BERG John Deere Buddy Tret

BERG John Deere Buddy Tret

8. BERG buzzy bloom

For the little ones there is now the BERG Buzzy Bloom. This beautifully designed pedal go-kart has a practical basket that is ideal for transporting toys. The pedal go-kart grows with the children from 2 to 5 years, because the handlebars and seat are adjustable. This model is also a good help when learning to pedal.

Did you know that you can apply the BERG Buzzy Bloom stickers just the way you like them? Every Buzzy Bloom comes with a sticker sheet.

Forwards, backwards, coming to a standstill in a few seconds - no problem for the pedal go-karts from the BERG Buzzy family. The pedals are always within easy reach and with its four wheels the pedal go-kart is particularly stable. Guaranteed years of playing pleasure.

- The direct transmission and unique ergonomics make learning to drive easy for every child.
- Always control the handlebars and pedals, as both function independently.
- Whisper-quiet EVA solid tyres, so never a flat tyre again.
- Stable and safe on four wheels and with swing axle.
- Very easy and feather-light pedalling thanks to ball bearings and unique ergonomics.
- Grows with you thanks to the adjustable handlebars and saddle.
- Goes backwards and forwards.

9. BERG Buzzy GoKart

This high-tech foam material is an ideal alternative to conventional rubber tires with tube and casing for the Berg Buzzy. Thanks to its composition, the EVA tire is just as wear-resistant as the usual rubber tires, but punctures are a thing of the past. The Berg Buzzy has a fixed connection between the front pedal axle and the rear axle. This means that the movement of the legs is immediately translated into the movement of the rear wheels. This makes the Berg Buzzy exceptionally simple and easy to drive. Both forwards and backwards. Thanks to the four wheels, the Berg Buzzy offers excellent stability. Since tricycles have one less wheel, they are very unstable and prone to tipping over. When cornering sharply or quickly with a tricycle, dangerous situations easily arise. On the Berg Buzzy, however, the wheel lines run parallel and further away from the rider. This makes tipping over virtually impossible. On a tricycle, the pedals (and therefore the feet) and the handlebars (and therefore the hands) are directly connected to the front wheel. On the Berg Buzzy, however, the pedals are connected to the frame. No energy is lost by the handlebars or pedals turning away when the child pedals or steers. The child can ride off easily and smoothly after getting on. 

10. BERG Buddy GoKart

The Berg Buddy GoKart offers children incomparable driving fun. This go-kart is perfect for your child from the age of three. The adjustable seat offers an ideal position when squatting and the steering wheel of the vehicle is infinitely adjustable in height. In addition, this outdoor toy has the unique BFR system, which stands for Break, Freewheel and Reverse. This allows your child to brake only with the pedals and continue driving backwards directly after stopping. This ensures particularly easy driving with this go-kart. The Berg Buddy also has four tyres, which enable your child to negotiate even the tightest bends in a stable and safe manner. Thanks to an oscillating axle, unevenness on the route to be driven can be compensated and manoeuvred very easily. Last but not least, this go-kart from BERG has not only any, but comfortable pneumatic tyres. Due to the resulting lower rolling resistance, your child is guaranteed even faster driving fun.