Best BIG products in the Children's tractors category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best BIG products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. BIG Jim-dumper

The high-quality, true-to-detail children's tipper is suitable for children from three years of age and has a maintenance-friendly, dirt and dust-protected precision chain drive, which enables easy and effort-saving driving. This means that younger children in particular have no problems starting up, even on difficult terrain. If the chain should ever lose tension, it can be tightened in a few simple steps thanks to the integrated eccentric. The high-quality premium pinion steering system makes it easy to steer the BIG-Jim-Dumper. A trailer coupling at the front and rear, which is compatible with all BIG tractor trailers, completes the high-quality equipment. A particular highlight for children is the easy-to-use tipper body with a loading volume of six litres. The tipper body is fixed in place with the aid of a simple, child-friendly lever function and is then tipped out by hand by the children. The 3-spoke steering wheel with mechanical horn completes the playful, cheerful yellow vehicle. The BIG-Jim-Dumper is produced by the manufacturer of the BIG-Bobby-Car in proven buffalo strong BIG quality in the modern factory in Germany. 

2. BIG Porsche Diesel Junior

With the new Porsche Diesel-Junior for children from 3 years of age, BIG sets completely new impulses in the field of children's emergency tractors. The classic among the nostalgia tractors has been designed with attention to detail and lovingly as a children's vehicle and offers all the technical refinements.
The Porsche Diesel-Junior from BIG comes standard with a dust and dirt protected precision chain drive, the high-quality and stepless BIG-axle steering, an adjustable seat and two trailer couplings.
The cuddly bonnet and the side headlights as well as the mudguards make the small tractor a playful highlight.

3. BIG Tractor Claas

The CLAAS CELTIS LOADER from BIG is a robust children's tractor for small young farmers. The aerodynamically shaped bonnet is based on the original CLAAS CELTIS model, as is the bodywork. The equipment with two trailer couplings and a multi-movable loading shovel offers tractor drivers aged 3 years and over additional playtime fun. The BIG-TRAILER is characterised by a large loading area. The robust trailer has room for many small loads. 

4. BIG Fendt

Lovers of this historic model will be delighted with the lovingly designed Fendt implement carrier nostalgia tractor from BIG, the manufacturer of the well-known BIG Bobby Car. Faithfully recreated in detail, the classic "Fendt GT" is available for children from the age of three. This implement carrier is a special vehicle in which the loading area is mounted in front of the driver's seat. There is plenty of room for small and larger loads on the large loading area. For loading and unloading, the drop sides can be folded down and closed as desired.

Thanks to the integrated precision chain drive, the tractor can be driven with little power and is therefore easy to drive even for small children. Child-friendly pedals ensure safe driving fun. The toothed pinion steering enables easy and stepless steering of the tractor. In addition, the integrated eccentric allows the chain to be easily retightened if necessary. To ensure that children have fun with the tractor for a long time, the seat can be adjusted to the respective leg length of the driver in three stages. One trailer hitch each at the front and rear provide additional playtime fun.

5. BIG Eicher Diesel ED 16

Age recommendation: from 3 years - Ackerman steering - adjustable seat - nostalgic tractor

6. BIG Fendt Dieselross

The legendary Fendt Dieselross is a children's pedal vehicle that will delight not only little tractor drivers aged 3 and up. The character of the original model, which was launched on the market in 1930 as the first European small diesel tractor with 9 hp, has been recreated down to the last detail. Equipped with the cuddly hood, the side-mounted headlights, the typical exhaust of the original and the two round fenders on the rear wheels, the lovingly designed nostalgic tractor is one of the highlights on the children's vehicle market.

Of course, the tractor offers all the technical refinements familiar to BIG products. The buffalo-strong standard equipment includes the adjustable seat, the dust-protected precision chain drive, the robust Ackermann steering and two trailer couplings front and rear.