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1. Smoby FleXtreme

Smoby FleXtreme is a play world that sets no limits to children's creativity. Using flexible tracks, kids can assemble the craziest race tracks and drive incredible stunts and tracks with the powerful Flextreme racing cars: including sensational climbs, loops, spirals and crazy slopes. The cool FleXtreme starter set is the ideal tool for getting started in the fast-paced Smoby FleXtreme world. The colorful track parts can be easily plugged together to form a long race track and are very flexible, so that they can be creatively built through the children's room: over chairs, the bed or the desk. 

2. Smoby FleXtreme Neon Set

Smoby FleXtreme is a unique play world that sets no limits to children's creativity! Using flexible tracks, kids can assemble the craziest race tracks and drive the powerful FleXtreme race cars on incredible stunts and tracks: including sensational climbs, overhead rides and crazy drops! With the all-new Neon Race Track Set, kids can send their cars on thrilling runs through the dark, as this playset provides a dazzling visual experience thanks to its spectacular lighting! The translucent light guides illuminate the racetrack tracks and provide brightly colored lighting effects. The translucent electronic tunnel included in the FleXtreme set acts as a light source and can be operated in two different modes: either you statically select a color, or leave the color selection to chance - if the race car then drives through the tunnel, the color changes automatically. Included is an exclusive Smoby FleXtreme neon race car that has real headlights on the front and back, as well as a translucent outline that further enhances the lighting. The play set includes the electronic tunnel, translucent track parts in a length of 2.60 m, plus the light guide fibers in matching lengths and the neon racing car. Compatible with all existing FleXtreme playsets from Smoby. 

3. Smoby Flextreme multi-track circuit set

Smoby Flextreme multi-track circuit set
Car racetracks
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Smoby Flextreme multi-track circuit set

4. Smoby Flextreme Superloops Race Track Set

Superlooping set for the Smoby FleXtreme racetrack play world, where kids can build the craziest tracks using flexible rails: Loops, vertical climbs, overhead rides. Contents: 2 multifunctional Superloops with a variety of uses. From 4 years. 

5. Smoby FleXtreme display with 49 items

Attention-grabbing FleXtreme display consisting of: - 9x 180902 FleXtreme starter set - 9x 180904 FleXtreme track refill set - 15x 180903 FleXtreme cars assorted - 4x 180912 FleXtreme super looping set - 6x 180910 FleXtreme fixing set - 6x 180911 FleXtreme multi-racing track set crossing and turnout Product dimensions display with header (LxWxH): 45.5 x 44.5 x 153 cm. Age recommendation for single sets: suitable for children from 4 years.