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RC cars, also known as remote control cars, provide endless hours of fun for hobbyists and professionals alike. But the joy of RC cars isn’t just in driving them; there’s also the question of how to build RC cars, how to tune them, upgrade and fit them. digitec is the place to buy all the classic RC car brands in Switzerland. We’ve got Tamiya, Traxxas and HPI as well as newcomers Sturmkind, RC4WD and Amewi.

You can buy RC cars in all sizes, from miniature 1:54 scale RC cars all the way up to large 1:5 scale RC cars.

Remote control cars also have different maximum speeds, which range from 15 km/h to more than 160 km/h. Only high-performance electric RC cars can reach speeds of 160 km/h. RC combustion engines have better motor performance but their lower RPM means they can’t reach the same speeds. The world record for the fastest battery-operated RC car was set by on 25 October 2014 by the «radio controlled bullet» and registered in the Guinness World Record Book. The car reached 325.12 km/h on the race track in Saint George in the US.

In the digitec range we have RC cars you drive on the street and on RC race tracks (travel range: «street») as well as all-terrain RC cars (travel range: «off-road»). You can also buy indoor RC cars (travel range: «indoor»). These remote control models are often smaller and have lower maximum speeds. They are usually good RC cars for novices.

The «car type» filter lets you search for different types of RC cars. The latest models are crawlers, buggies, monster trucks, panzers and lorries.

You can get RC cars in various levels from RC kits, which you have to build from scratch yourself all the way to «ARTR», which means «almost ready to race». These usually just need a battery charger and specific accessories. With RC «RTR» models («ready to race» or «ready to run»), the RC car is ready to go right out of the box. You can find accessories, tuning kits as well as replacement parts in the «RC car accessories» category.

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Amewi - Tank III, full metal, 2,4GH RTR + Airsoft, TRUE Sound (RTR Ready to Race)

Amewi - Buggy Eagle 3.2 Racing RTR (RTR Ready-to-Run)

Amewi - Excavator full metal (RTR Ready-to-Run)

Amewi - Mercedes PRO Metal Electric Brushed Truck 4WD 1:18 RTR white (RTR Ready-to-Run)

Amewi - Metal Eagle 4WD (RTR Ready-to-Run)

Amewi - Dirt Climbing SUV (RTR Ready-to-Run)

Amewi - Buggy Booster 4WD (RTR Ready to Race)

Amewi - crazy crawler (RTR Ready-to-Run)

Amewi - AM10T Truggy (RTR Ready-to-Run)

Amewi - RC AM Conqueror (RTR Ready to Race)

Amewi - Excavator with metal shovel (RTR Ready to Race)

Amewi - Evo 4M 4WD (RTR Ready-to-Run)

Amewi - XKing (RTR Ready to Race)

Amewi - Crazist Pro (RTR Ready to Race)

Amewi - Smasher (RTR Ready to Race)