Push ride-ons

Did you also have a slide car? Slide car most parents know from their childhood. A classic birthday gift when the child turns 1 year old. Even years later, children drive around with the bobby cars, make races or curves in the living room.
There are slide cars for the smallest. If the child can sit independently, he can move on a slide car. The child pushes with his legs and thus moves forward on the slide car. The skills of balance and coordination are trained.
Slide cars are available in various colors and materials - the most common are plastic and wood. The tin ones in retro style are also suitable as exhibits in the apartment or even as a collector's item. The vehicle variants are also diverse. Almost every vehicle is available in small format. So the little Mercedes fan, fireman, tractor lover and motorcycle policeman will find his suitable slide car.
There are many accessories for the slide car. Lego, dolls and other toys can be transported in the various trailers. With horns, flags and pennants, the slide car can be individualized. Push rods are perfect especially for parents, so they can control the direction and speed of the little drivers.
Well known are the Bobbycars of the brand BIG. We have other slide cars of the brands Wheely Bug, Jamara, Rolly Toys, Goki, italtrike, Rastar, Puky, Smoby and Villac in the assortment.

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