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    by Anne Fischer


Pencils are versatile tools for expressing creativity, completing schoolwork, and performing various tasks in art, drafting, and everyday writing. Different types of pencils cater to specific needs and preferences from professional artists to schoolchildren. The tactile sensation of pencil on paper and the ability to render ideas into tangible forms make pencils an indispensable item in desks and art studios alike.

Among the assorted pencil types available, glitter pens add sparkle to projects and are loved by craft enthusiasts. Crayons serve as a staple for young children to color and draw, nurturing their creativity. Handlettering pens and brush pens provide calligraphers and enthusiasts with the control and flow needed for beautiful letter formation. Wax pencils are resistant to water and smudging, perfect for bold, vibrant art. Graphite pencils range from soft to hard leads, suiting detailed sketching and shading. Felt-tip pens offer a smooth ink application and are ideal for coloring and drafting. Watercolour pencils blend the precision of pencil work with the wash effects of watercolours, giving artists the best of both worlds. Colour pencils are used for adding hues to sketches and illustrations. Lastly, chalk is the go-to for temporary markings on surfaces like blackboards and sidewalks.

When deciding on the right pencil, consider the medium and surface on which it will be used, the desired effect, and the longevity of the artwork. For example, if one wishes to blend colors or use water to create a painting effect, watercolour pencils may be the right choice. If precision and fine detail are important, graphite pencils with a harder lead might be more appropriate. For those interested in creating durable and bright pieces, crayons, or wax pencils are excellent options.

Among the prominent brands offering high-quality pencils, Caran d'Ache is well-respected by artists and well-known for their premium crayons. Marabu captivates with its Porcelain and glass painting pen 'Kids,' designed to spark artistic interests in younger demographics. STABILO impresses with its 'Pen 68 Premium felt-tip pen,' offering a superb coloring experience. Faber-Castell's 'POLYCHROMOS 120 metal case' set provides a treasure trove for colour pencil enthusiasts with its vast array of rich, fade-resistant colours. Lastly, Tombow is celebrated for its 'Double-fibre pens,' which cater to both fine details and broad strokes, perfect for a range of artistic projects. These brands continually innovate to provide artists, students, and stationary lovers with the tools they need to bring their visions to life.