A board game is a game plan or Board on which players play with figures, stones or other material. The Board game must not be necessarily made of wood or a piece. The importance of the Board game is different in each game. 

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Rule Factory - Frantic Powerbundle: Frantic + Troublemaker + Supercharge

Rule Factory - Frantic

Rule Factory - Vorteilsbundle: Frantic + Troublemaker Erweiterung

Brändi - Dog 6

Philos - Carrom Classic

Hasbro - Monopoly Classic Switzerland Edition

Hasbro - Jenga Classic

Mattel Games - UNO Flip! (sprachneutral)

Rule Factory - Frantic Supercharge Add On

Hasbro - Looping Louie

Jumbo - Rubik's Cube 3x3

Beyblade - Burst Turbo Cross Collision Battle Set

Hasbro - Croc Doc

Brändi - Dog 4

- Jasper carpet