Baby dolls are dolls that look very much like a real human baby. With special functions such as crying, eating, drinking and potty drinking, children learn at an early age to take responsibility for their baby dolls. The children grow up to be little doll parents. No matter in which role play the children find themselves, the baby doll enriches the child's world of experience. The additional functions can be activated with many dolls completely without batteries. So some dolls cry tears when you press on their upper arm. If the doll is to make sounds while crying or sleeping, batteries are of course needed. The best known baby doll brands are Zapf Creation, Corolle and Götz. There are two well-known product lines from Zapf: Zapf Baby Born and Zapf Baby Annabell. The Zapf My little Baby Born and Zapf My first Baby Annabell dolls are suitable for the very young from the age of two. These dolls are softer so that small children cannot injure themselves while playing. 

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Zapf Creation - Baby born Soft Touch Boy

Llorens - Nica

Zapf Creation - Baby born Soft Touch Blue Eyes

Zapf Creation - Soft Touch Sister

Götz - Set Hannah

Llorens - Nico

Zapf Creation - Alexander

Zapf Creation - Baby born Soft Touch Sister

Llorens - Bimbo

Llorens - Bimba

MGA - L.O.L. Super Surprise- Remix

Barbie - Barbie with Cabriolet

MGA - L.O.L. Surprise OMG Fashion: Roller Chick, Class Prez oder Da Boss

Barbie - Riding fun with doll (blond), Chelsea, horse and pony

Llorens - Elena