Activity toys

Motor skills toys are one of the first children's toys for babies and toddlers. Motor skills of your child are developed with motor toys in a fun way. Because toddlers first have to practice and learn all the movements that are intuitive for us adults. In the first months, your baby starts to train especially grasping, touching and feeling. The senses are sufficiently trained and developed with the right toys. We have toys for every age group and their respective needs. Our range goes from building blocks to motor loops, spinning tops to balance games. This type of play train we have from well-known brands such as Hape, Small foot, VTech, HABA and Mattel Fisher-Price.

When buying a motor toy, you should make sure that the toy is age appropriate. It should neither over- nor under-challenge the toddler. With our filters you can easily find the most suitable educational toy for your child.

Discover our diverse, colorful assortment in our online store and order the right motor skills toy conveniently at home, so that the learning and playing fun can soon begin.