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Batten-free tow release system DippererTow release for model gliders from 4 metres wingspan which ALWAYS opens: The Dipperer ball tow release system has been tested by many pilots in aerotow operations for 50 years and is also used by professionals in championships. High-quality materials guarantee a safe function when properly installed - easy installation and indestructible!- No more inconvenient insertion of the towline!Ball tow release system DippererInstallation instructions:1. Drill a 12 mm hole in the tip of the fuselage 2. fit the tow release, the leading edge should be flush with the tip of the fuselage CAUTION: Do not work on the front part of the release (notch opening)!3.Stuff the coupling opening with paper to prevent glue from penetrating during the gluing process4. Carefully glue the coupling housing with epoxy resin in the entire area of the knurled grooves5. Install the steering gear (servo) with an actuating force of 6-10 kg at the height of the tow release6. For control on the rudder machine, fit a ball head connector on the innermost hole of the servo lever7. Set the servo lever to the rear dead centre (side facing away from the tow release, see sketch)8. Make the connection to the steering machine firmly using 1.5 mm steel wire or rope. Cut the connecting rope or linkage to length so that the ball socket connection is 3 mm in front of the centre of the ball socket9. Engaging position: coupling is open and the towline ball connection can be inserted10. Release position: by moving the servo (half turn of servo lever) the ball locks in the coupling, servo is unloaded SK1.

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