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Who could resist this cute little fella?

Porgs are a species of small and curious sea-dwelling bird, native to the planet Ahch-To in the «Star-Wars» universe. I tackled the 811-piece LEGO version of this fluffy little bird. Read on to find out how I got on and whether I'd recommend getting it.

The first appearance of Porgs was in Star Wars Episode VIII, when Rey, Luke and Chewie landed on the water planet Ahch-To with the Millennium Falcon. Several of these little seabirds crept into their starship and built a nest in it. When Luke and his friends left the planet, one Porg remained on board and joined the crew in the cockpit. Now, there's a LEGO version of the Porg, opening up a world of living rooms and bedrooms to these curious little seabirds. Is your bedroom one of them?

What’s in the set?

The box contains the obligatory instructions as well as six small plastic bags filled with LEGO bricks. As with all LEGO sets, these are divided into building steps, making sure your bricks don’t get mixed up when you're building your set. In addition, there’s a sticker sheet, which consists of the placard sticker only. Yes, another sticker. LEGO still hasn't figured out that we want printed parts.

How did building go?

Building the LEGO Porg is a piece of cake. The detailed instructions guide you through the construction process step by step in 135 pages. What this looks like? This is me building the Porg at an accelerated pace:

The Lego bricks from the first plastic bag make up the basic structure of the Porg. Its chassis, so to speak. It's made mostly of LEGO Technic components. The rest of the Porg is made of classic Lego bricks. The inside of the Porg is built at the same time as its feet and movable lower jaw.

The second bag contains the elements for its back and tail. The tail feathers of the Porg are rich black while the back is made of two different shades of grey. Once the back is done, the front follows. The third plastic bag includes mainly white bricks. They're used to build the Porg's belly and attach it to the front part of the frame we built earlier on.

The fourth step of building closes the gap between belly and back. As with the front of the Porg, this plastic bag mainly contains white Lego bricks. Bag number five gives our little fluffy fella its wings. These move in sync with the lower jaw when the mechanism is activated.

The sixth and last part of the instructions is all about building the head. Its orange ears set a striking contrast to the white and grey bricks that were used so far.


The Porg from LEGO's «Star Wars» series is a nice little set. Building this bird is rather simple, takes about two hours and can be done with little to no previous LEGO experience. The simple skill of opening its mouth and flapping its wings gives this LEGO set a special touch. Sure, there aren't loads of things you can do with the Porg, but it looks cute and makes for a worthy addition to any LEGO or Star Wars collection. Plus, this LEGO set features many white and grey Lego bricks, so you'll have excellent parts for your own LEGO creations. In my opinion, LEGO has created a great set that is sure to make many fans happy.

  • Porg (75230)
  • Porg (75230)
  • Porg (75230)
CHF 64.60
LEGO Porg (75230)
Welcome your very own Porg! This faithfully detailed Star Wars toy includes intricate feather detailing, authentic colours and an opening mouth and flapping wings when you press the tail. The set also comes with a display stand with decorative fact plaque and extra porg mini build, making all your friends happy.


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User grownnotmade

Luke ist nicht mit dem Millennium Falcon auf Ahch-To gelandet. Er war bereits dort. :-D

User grownnotmade

Und, es blieben mehrere Porg an Bord als sie den Planeten wieder verlassen haben. ;-)