Trowels + Spatulas

The bricklayer's trowel is a tool used by the bricklayer to apply the mortar when bricklaying or plastering. The trowel blade can have a basic triangular or square shape. A trowel is a hand tool consisting of a handle and a long, flat, differently wide, rigid or flexible steel blade. In many manual activities, spatulas are used to apply, spread and smooth out materials of a pulpy consistency, e.g. putty. Fillers are also used to remove flat materials such as wallpaper or glued carpets. 

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AVIT - Malerspachtel (5cm)

HENKELMANN / JUNG - Glättekelle Kunststoff Griff

Silberschnitt - Glass cutter

OPO - Carbide oil glass cutter Toyo

HENKELMANN / JUNG - Berliner-Kelle Henkelm. 24cm

HENKELMANN / JUNG - Maurerkelle eckig 22cm

HENKELMANN / JUNG - Maurerkelle abgerundet 20cm

HENKELMANN / JUNG - Gipserspachtel Inox 10cm

HENKELMANN / JUNG - Berliner-Kelle Henkelmann 28cm

HENKELMANN / JUNG - Spitzkellen

HENKELMANN / JUNG - Maurerkelle Jung Gr.22

HENKELMANN / JUNG - Maurerkelle Jung Gr. 20

Idealspaten - 50mm Malerspachtel poliert Blatt mit Holzheft

HENKELMANN / JUNG - Katzenzunge Jung Gr. 14

Futuro - Painter's spatula (2cm)