Best products in the Winter plant protection + Garden fleece category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Strotz Plant protection umbrella

The plant protection umbrella is unique:
- extremely stable thanks to fibreglass rails
- easy to put into the ground, thanks to an extended stick
- transparent
and with a diameter of approx. 70 cm
- 1 sales unit (VE) = 2 umbrellas

2. Miogarden Separating fleece

Separating fleece for pots, black, 1x2m.

3. Bellissa Weed Stop Fleece Comfort

Thanks to the weed-stop fleece you can do without chemical treatment of weeds in the garden. To avoid weed growth as much as possible, lay the fleece before planting the bed. In addition, it has the advantage that it retains moisture and directly supplies the roots of the plants with water. The fleece can be easily cut to size with scissors. It is also suitable as a base for bark mulch, gravel or chippings. Properties: Extra satin finish; frost and hail resistant; permeable to air and moisture; resistance to rotting; UV stabilized. 

4. Miogarden Steel pegs

Les piquets en acier Miogarden Classic sont parfaits pour fixer solidement vos tentes, bâches ou autres structures de jardin. With a weight of 1.5 kg, these piquets are light and easy to transport. Manufactured in high quality acrylic, they are resistant and durable. Their size of 23 cm and their length of 11 cm make them adaptable to a variety of terrains. Their height of 2 cm ensures good stability in the ground. With a manufacturer's guarantee of 3 years, you can be sure of the quality of these piquets made of acrylic for your fixing needs. 

5. Miogarden Bird protection net

Bird protection net

6. Strotz Pflanzenschutz Schirm

The plant protection screen is unique: provides additional shade. Extremely stable thanks to fibreglass rails. Easy to stick into the ground thanks to the extended stick. Transparent and with a diameter of approx. 70 cm. 

7. Andermatt Biogarten FILBIO Cultural Protection Network

The fine-meshed and lightweight crop protection net reliably protects vegetables and berries from various pests by preventing their influx and egg laying. Can also be used as bird protection for vines. Can be used for several years. Size: 5 m x 2.2 m, mesh size: 0.85 mm. 

8. Andermatt Biogarten Grape protection bags set of 10

Protective bags for grapes and fruits against wasps and cherry vinegar flies. Prevents fretting damage and rotting fungi from berries that have been eaten. Poison-free. Usable for years. 

9. Windhager Separating fleece for pots

The separating fleece prevents the soil from floating up in the flower pot. This in turn has a preventive effect so that plant roots are reliably protected from standing water. Also suitable for larger potted plants. 

10. Windhager Sandpit fleece

The rot-resistant fabric acts as a filter and protects the sand from mixing with soil. It also keeps weeds and other impurities away from the sandbox.