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1. Skross Pro+ USB

This compact high-performance world travel adapter - Designed in Switzerland - with USB C technology perfectly equips international travelers for countless adventures around the world and is also suitable for powerful devices such as laptops and travel hairdryers.

Can be used worldwide: USA, Australia, China, UK, Ireland, in many other European countries like Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Slovakia as well as in more than 190 other destinations.

By the way, the top can also be used separately in many European countries: Two USB ports (USB & USB C) allow charging two USB devices at the same time, while the adapter can also be used with a grounded device in addition

Number of poles: 3-pin (grounded), USB charging port: 2
Suitable for grounded and ungrounded devices (2-pole & 3-pole).

USB Connections
1 x Type-C USB Output: 5.0 V DC / Max. 3.0 A, Max. 15.0 W
1 x Type-A USB Output: 5.0 V DC / Max. 2.4 A, Max. 12.0 W

2. Skross World Adapter

Skross Pro World Adapter, Adapter input Schuko & 2-pole Euro, Removable 3-pole plug (AUS, China, Schuko, IT, CH, UK, USA, BRA) input 100-250V, Power total 100V - 700W / 250V - 1750W / 7A. 

3. Schönenberger Connector SchuKo - T13

SCHÖNENBERGER No Block connector, Schuko - T13, white

No Block, the travel adapter with clever plug arrangement - without blocking any other sockets. The travel
plug can also be used to provide power access to two-pole T11 power supply units, including with a Swiss three-way wall socket, while having other devices connected at the same time. 

Schönenberger Connector SchuKo - T13
Travel adapters
Quantity discount
9.65per piece for 2 units

Schönenberger Connector SchuKo - T13


4. Steffen Adapter

Adapter Switzerland - Europe made of plastic. This intermediate coupling offers you the shortest connection between a Schuko socket outlet and an apparatus connection. Connect your device cables directly to the mains. 

Steffen Adapter
Travel adapters
Quantity discount
10.30per piece for 2 units

Steffen Adapter


5. Xlayer Travel plug

This universal travel adapter makes your Euro plug suitable for any socket. It can be used in practically every country in the world. Europe, England, Asia, Africa, USA, South America or Australia. Wherever you go: With this travel plug, your electrical appliance will fit into any power grid. The travel plug convinces with its clever design: all plugs are accommodated in a space-saving way. And the handling is absolutely safe and super-smooth. Makes your appliances suitable for any socket: Use your small electrical appliances in almost any country worldwide - e.g. in Europe, Great Britain, Asia, America or Australia. Ideal when travelling or on holiday. Operate other devices at home: You can also use the combi adapter the other way round. For example, you can make devices with a country-specific plug from abroad suitable for European sockets. For all small electrical appliances without earthing contact: Simply connect hair dryers, electric shavers, world receivers, chargers and much more. Charging station for your mobile devices: Via the 4 integrated USB sockets, you can also charge your USB mobile devices such as smartphone, tablet PC, digital camera and many more with up to 2.4 A charging current. This saves you the need for a separate charger. Compact and safe: All contact pins are accommodated in the housing to save space. 

6. Skross Pro Light USB (AC) - World

Laptop and travel hair dryer easy and safe to use. With the three different slide out plugs it can be used in over 100 countries worldwide. Not only in the USA, UK, China and Australia, but also in all other countries with these plug standards. The universal travel plug can be used with 2 and 3 pin devices from Germany or other countries. Two USB ports (USB & USB C) allow charging two USB devices at the same time. SKROSS adapters meet the highest international safety and quality standards. Developed and designed in Switzerland. TÜV approved. 

7. Steffen Power adapter UK / CH

Three-pole adapter for Great Britain --> Switzerland

8. Skross World Travel Adapter MUV USB(CH Version)

Input for: Euro, Australia/China Output:Euro, Australia/China, UK, USA/Japan.

Skross World Travel Adapter MUV USB(CH Version)
Travel adapters
32.40was 39.80

Skross World Travel Adapter MUV USB(CH Version)

9. Max Hauri Travel adapter

Schuko Germany, France/Switzerland, 3-pole, 10 A, 250 V.

Max Hauri Travel adapter
Travel adapters
Quantity discount
6.50per piece for 3 units

Max Hauri Travel adapter


10. Skross Pro-World & USB - Travel Adapter

The practical PRO - World & USB offers a 2-in-1 solution: travelers from all over the world can connect all their 2- and 3-pin devices, including laptop and travel hairdryer, in over 205 destinations in the safest way. In addition, the clip-on top, which can also be used individually, offers an integrated, powerful USB port. Thus, you can charge a USB device while using the adapter with a power plug. Suitable for grounded and ungrounded devices (2-pin & 3-pin). Power outlet input for: Europe (Schuko & 2-pin Euro), Australia/China, UK, USA/Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil. Output plug: Europe (Schuko), Australia/China, UK, USA, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil. Input voltage: 100 V - 250 V, 50/60 Hz.