Best products in the Power station accessories category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. EcoFlow XT60 cable (5 m)

The EcoFlow MC4 to XT60 cable (5 m) can be used to connect an EcoFlow portable power station (Delta/River 600 series) to a solar panel with a standard MC4 output.

2. EcoFlow XT60

The EcoFlow MC4-XT60 cable (3.5 m) allows you to connect a portable EcoFlow power plant (DELTA / RIVER series) to a solar panel with standard MC4 output. Highlights: Connect a solar panel to an EcoFlow power plant for clean, efficient and reliable power anywhere. 

3. Jackery Extension cable

Jackery extension cable DC7909 incl DC8020 adapter. Robust & durable. PVC sheath with 7 mm diameter. Stable power transmission. Suitable for Powerstation Explorer 240 / 500 / 1000 / 2000Pro. 

4. EcoFlow BMR330 Delta 2 Bag

The EcoFlow Delta 2 waterproof case protects the unit from water, dirt and damage during transport without compromising usability. 1.Made of lightweight, waterproof and wear-resistant material that protects the Delta 2 from the elements, shocks and scratches. 2.Provides extensive protection and still ensures access to all power connections, the carrying handle. A transparent cover for the LCD screen allows easy monitoring of the Delta 2 while protecting the display from scratches. Scope of delivery: EcoFlow Delta 2 waterproof bag. This bag is suitable for devices of all regions, regardless of the type of power outlets. 

5. EcoFlow Additional battery

To double or triple the capacity of Delta Max. Increase capacity of Delta Max to 4032 Wh or 6048 Wh and extend runtime. Input: 1x 50.4 V, 1800 W Max. Output: 1x 43 V-58.4 V 3200 W Max. Can be charged with all charging methods offered by the DELTA Max. LCD display with output, input, remaining charge and remaining runtime. 

6. EcoFlow Adapter cable KFZ to XT60

Accessory type: adapter cable.

7. EcoFlow Smart Home Generator 2.Gen (Dual fuel)

EcoFlow Smart Home Generator 2.Gen (Dual fuel).

8. EcoFlow Auxiliary battery Delta 2, 1000 Wh

Intelligent additional battery for Delta 2. Intelligent additional battery for up to 1024 Wh more power. Delta 2 and its additional batteries are charged and discharged simultaneously. Fast charging, from 0 to 80% within 70 minutes and from 0 to 100% within 120 minutes via AC input. Internal storage compartment. Power multiple devices. With integrated screen. Expandable capacity. Delta 2 offers up to 1024 Wh more thanks to the smart extra battery, so your home will continue to be powered in any emergency. Convenient charging. Delta 2 and its auxiliary batteries charge and discharge simultaneously. Easy charging with solar panels, mains power or our Smart Generator. Fast charging. Delta 2 charges from 8 to 80% within 70 minutes and from 0 to 100% within 120 minutes via the AC input. Internal storage compartment. Save space at home and on the road with the convenient accessory storage compartment. Power multiple devices. The Delta 2 fits every conceivable connection to power devices, in any location, just like at home. Everything under control, from anywhere. The built-in screen gives you the same information about battery level, remaining charge time, remaining usage time and more. You can check the charge level anywhere with the EcoFlow app. 

9. EcoFlow Extension cable

The EcoFlow MC4 Solar Extension Cable (3 m) extends the XT60 Solar Cable (3.5 m) by an additional 3 m. It provides an additional cable length that allows an EcoFlow charging station to be kept in the shade while the solar panels receive direct sunlight. 

10. EcoFlow SPCC

The MC4-SPCC is needed to use several solar modules in parallel. This increases the power and reduces the charging time enormously.