Best products in the Planers category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Metabo DH 330

Ideal for mobile use due to low weight Stable gear for uniform workpiece feed Convenient height adjustment by crank handle Easy adjustment of common clearance heights via locking points Powerful universal motor for powerful drive and uniform planing pattern Restart protection: prevents unintentional start-up after power interruption Precise chip thickness adjustment for fast and precise planing Large feed and removal tables support the execution of long workpieces Planing mill locking prevents unintentional adjustment of the chip removal setting.

Scope of delivery:
2 built-in HSS reversible planer blades, 1 x sliding stick, 1 x suction nozzle

Technical characteristics:

Dimensions: 579 x 857 x 574 mm
Chip removal Thickness planing: 0 - 3 mm
Material thickness table: Alu-cast stainless steel coated
Thicknessing table L x W: 840 x 330 mm
Diffuser height/width: 152 / 330 mm
Feed rate: 7 m/min
Diameter of cutter: 47 mm
Number of knives: 2
Speed of the cutter head: 9800 /min
Rated power consumption: 1800 W
Weight: 35 kg
Noise emission: Measurement uncertainty K 4 dB(A)

The machine shown in the picture may differ in equipment and technical details depending on the configuration. Please note scope of delivery and product description. Accessories only included if listed in the scope of delivery

2. Makita DKP180ZJ

Top Li-Ion battery technology with very high performance for intensive professional use. Makstar charging technology with digital communication: after a thorough check of its condition, the charging process is individually adapted to each battery, for maximum life of each cell. Two blades for a perfect finish. Large V-groove for easy chamfering. Adjusting knob with ratchets and scale for precise depth adjustment. Can be connected to external suction. Parking shoe. Without battery, without charger. 

3. Makita Rabbet Planer KP0800J in Makpac

Supplied in MAKPAC size 3 Light and very handy machine Large V-groove for easy chamfering High planing shaft speed enables a perfect finish Equipped with TCT reversible blades Very precise adjustment for cutting depth with detents Handle with rubber inserts for perfect grip and comfortable working Scope of delivery: MAKPAC size 3 TCT reversible blades Assembly tool. Knife setting gauge.

Makita Rabbet Planer KP0800J in Makpac

Makita Rabbet Planer KP0800J in Makpac


4. Scheppach PLM1800

With its compact dimensions of 63 x 58.9 x 50 cm (L x W x H), the PLM1800 planer is an ideal tabletop model for use in the workshop or on the construction site. Two carrying handles facilitate transport for mobile use. From 5 mm to 152 mm clearance height, the PLM1800 thickness planer planes with millimetre precision. Height adjustment is very simple via a prominently mounted hand crank and an easily visible scale for the correct measurement. Once set, the planing thickness remains constant during the entire working process. This means that several workpieces can be planed to the same thickness one after the other - very advantageous, for example, when working with floorboards. The maximum planing width is 330 mm.
Two rubber-coated workpiece return rollers and an automatic feed with 7.4 m/min make work easy and ensure a smooth workflow. The steel planing shaft with the two 330 mm wide planing knives is driven by a 1500 watt motor. With 8500 revolutions and 17000 cuts per minute, up to 2.8 mm is planed off the workpiece per pass. The workpiece, a board or wooden beam, is placed on the thicknessing table made of sheet steel and fed to the planer manually until the automatic feed engages. The planing table is made of stainless steel and can be extended by 19 cm at the front and 19 cm at the back with a foldable table extension. A generous extraction connection for external dust extraction, ensures that the chips are removed from the work area and the air in the workshop remains dust-free.

5. Bosch Professional GHO 12V-20

Properties:-Brushless motor for more power and a long life-Soft Grip for comfortable work-suitable for planing wood-Compact design-Woodrazer reversible blade-Included in delivery: L-BOXX 136, 2x planing knives 56 x 5.5 x 1.1Delivery does not include battery and charger!

Bosch Professional GHO 12V-20

Bosch Professional GHO 12V-20


6. Einhell TE-PL 18/82 Li Solo

With the Einhell cordless planer TE-PL 18/82 Li – Solo, the amateur DIY enthusiast and ambitious wood-builder has a powerful hand plane for applications up to 2 mm cutting depth at hand. Large blade shafts ensure optimum planing results, while the solid aluminum base plate ensures flat working results. The base plate is also equipped with a V-groove for easy chamfering of edges. Workpieces and planers are protected by the automatic parking shoe. The ergonomic handle provides a firm, secure grip and fatigue-free work. The softgrip ensures comfortable handling of the cordless planer. The scope of delivery includes a rip fence for straight and precise planing work as well as a folding depth stop for easy production of ledges. In addition, a TCT planing knife (reversible knife) is included in the scope of delivery to achieve a high surface quality. As a member of the high-quality Power X-Change family, all batteries in the system series can be combined with the planer. A 2.5 Ah Plus battery or above is strongly recommended for best results. Delivery does not include a battery or charger, but these are available separately. 

Einhell TE-PL 18/82 Li Solo

Einhell TE-PL 18/82 Li Solo


7. Makita Battery-powered single-handed plane

Battery-powered planer with large V-groove for easy chamfering, cutting depth precisely adjustable thanks to smooth-running rotating wheel with detents. High planer shaft speed enables perfect finish. Equipped with HM reversible blades. Supplied in cardboard box without battery, without charger, without case.

Makita Battery-powered single-handed plane

Makita Battery-powered single-handed plane


8. Scheppach HMS 1070

9. Scheppach HMS850

Combined surface and thickness planer for the small workshop. Powerful 1250 W motor for versatile work. Compact table model. Two HS planing knives for smooth, precise planing. Vibration damping rubber feet for safe stand. Easy height adjustment via hand crank. Thicknessing planer with extendable workpiece support.

10. Bosch Professional GHO 18V-LI

Fast and precise work progress due to stepless cutting adjustment up to 1.6 mm. High surface quality due to ultra-sharp and durable HM reversible blades. Lightweight (only 2.6 kg) for comfortable working conditions.

Bosch Professional GHO 18V-LI

Bosch Professional GHO 18V-LI