Best products in the Length measuring tool category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Stanley Bandmass Powerlock 5m

Stanley Tape measure Tylon 5m completely coated with Tylon-Polymer protective layer. Extra strong strap (19mm) bent with brake, automatic return and belt clip.

2. Bosch Home & Garden Zamo III

With the handy and compact tape adapter, the Zamo laser rangefinder can measure distances and circumferences of up to 1.5 m. It can be used for tasks such as measuring the edges of pictures or the circumference of bodies when designing or altering clothing. It is also ideal for measuring furniture, sizing fabrics and sizing panels for a variety of projects. Extending the range of uses of the Zamo laser rangefinder, it can be attached with a click and provide fast and accurate results for an even wider range of projects. 

3. Longlife Double meter longlife

Made of PA, 30 % glass fibre reinforced, embossed duplex mm graduation, red decimetre numbers, with metal ends, return graduation on the inside.

4. Linex Measuring tape

The case is rubberized and fits well in your hand. For indoor and outdoor use. The beginning of the tape measure is equipped with a magnetic hook. The tape measure is also equipped with two blocking functions and a brake. Thanks to the belt clip and the hand loop you always have the tape measure at hand. It has a millimetre and an inch scale. 

5. Stanley Rolling band dimension 30m made of fiberglass

Compact housing made of impact-resistant ABS plastic. 12.7 mm wide tape made of 26 fibreglass strands with end hooks. Tape provided with PVC protective coating - resistant to UV radiation, moisture and dirt. 2-colour print, white surface with 2 mm graduation. Foldable crank, foldable two-way end hook (DIN standard) for measurements with and without hook. Accuracy class III. 

6. Stanley Bandmass Tylon

Stanley's 3 metre long Tylon tape measure (accuracy class II) is an extra strong 12.7mm wide tape, curved and fully coated with Tylon polymer protective layer. The end hook is double riveted, movable for inside and outside measurement. The robust housing is impact-resistant, rubberized and offers maximum ease of use and durability. The Tylon measuring tape also has a locking device, automatic return and a belt clip. 

7. Stanley Roller tape measure

Tape measure 20m fibreglass 0-34-396, closed. 26 fibreglass fibres for lower tension and increased accuracy, the tape is resistant to water, corrosion and fading, PVC coated tapes for easy cleaning and fast winding, especially impact-resistant ABS housing for a long service life. 

8. Kibernetik Wood meter

Material: Made of selected birch wood: Made of hardened special steel, Length (mm): 2000, Weight (kg): 0.11.

9. Bosch Professional Messrad - leicht

Ergonomic pistol grip and light aluminium design for comfortable working. Telescopic shaft with stepless height adjustment for more flexibility and comfort. Die-cast aluminium wheel with robust rubber coating for use on any surface. 

10. Wolfcraft Double meter

Double meter of beech wood.