Best products in the Laser measures category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Bosch PLR 40 C

The PLR 40 C laser rangefinder measures lengths quickly, precisely and easily. The device also automatically calculates areas and volumes. Thanks to the connectivity function, measured and calculated values can be transferred to a Bosch app via Bluetooth. This helps, for example, if you want to know how much paint or wallpaper you need to renovate your four walls.

2. Bosch Professional GLM 50 C

The Bosch Professional GLM 50C is the ideal helper when it comes to measuring distances precisely. The device has a range of up to 50 m and a measuring accuracy of +/- 1.5 mm. Thanks to the Bluetooth function, the measurement data can be quickly and easily transferred to the Measuring Master App, which is compatible with Android and Apple. The app can also be used to create digital floor plans, import and edit existing floor plans and export the working result. In addition, the GLM 50C automatically stores the last 30 measured values. In addition, the laser distance meter has a staking out function and a 360° tilt sensor for angle measurements and levelling applications. In addition, the GLM 50C convinces with its easy handling and an illuminated, rotatable colour display. 

3. Bosch Professional GLM 40

Length measurement, area determination, volume calculation - everything can be operated intuitively. Memory function allows easy access to the last ten measurements. Reliable measurement results under all circumstances proven by ISO certification. Illuminated, three-line display for best legibility.

4. Bosch Professional GLM 50-27 CG Professional

Rugged and reliable laser rangefinder with green laser for excellent visibility. Green laser technology guarantees excellent visibility for measuring long distances in bright indoor conditions. Ideal for rough construction work thanks to drop resistance up to 1.5 meters, IP 65 certification, shock-absorbing housing with rubber coating. Fast documentation and data transfer thanks to Bluetooth connectivity and Bosch MeasureOn app. 

Bosch Professional GLM 50-27 CG Professional (50 m, 635 nm)
Laser measures

Bosch Professional GLM 50-27 CG Professional

50 m, 635 nm


5. Bosch Zamo III Set Premium

Digital Laser Rangefinder Zamo III. Makes measuring easy. Precise measurement of distances and distances with laser technology. Intuitive handling thanks to simple one-button operation. Small, compact and handy for every pocket. Easy-to-read display with backlight. Measure up to 20 m from the trailing edge. Storage of the last measured value. Softgrip for comfortable handling. Modern product design. In addition, the Zamo II has 3 attachments: Wheel adapters, tape adapters, line adapters. 

6. Bosch Professional GLM 100-25 C

7. Bosch PLR 50 C

Measuring has never been so intuitive: colour display with touch screen leads to modern and simple operation. Free "PLR measure and go" app links your PLR 50 C to your smartphone or tablet thanks to the integrated Bluetooth interface. Quickly and easily transfer your measurement results to the app and accurately measure your photos or sketches. Central product features: Precise measurement of distances up to 50 m with laser technology, convenient documentation of measurement results via Bluetooth with the Bosch PLR measure and go app, self-explanatory operating concept with touch screen and high-quality colour display. Further product advantages: Simple determination of lengths, areas and volumes thanks to integrated measuring functions, indirect length and height measurement with only one measurement, integrated inclination sensor enables precise measurement of inclinations and levels of objects, 3 references for measuring: Front edge, rear edge, stop plate, continuous measurement mode with min/max function, automatic addition and subtraction of lengths, areas and volumes, automatic storage of the last 10 measurement results. Equipment: Illuminated 2.4" colour display with touch screen, soft grip, area calculation, addition, subtraction, continuous measurement, indirect measurement, inclination measurements, Bluetooth interface, reference point measurement from the top or bottom of the device. 

8. Leica Laser distance meter DISTO D2

Compact laser distance meter with Bluetooth Smart for data transmission on smartphones or tablets. Multifunctional end piece with automatic recognition prevents expensive measuring errors. X-Range Power Technology stands for best measurement performance. This means fast and reliable measurements up to 100 m even on poorly reflecting targets. Useful functions such as adding, subtracting, areas and volume calculations make every measuring task child's play. The last 10 measurement results are saved. Clear, illuminated 3-line display. 

Leica Laser distance meter DISTO D2 (100 m, 635 nm)
Laser measures

Leica Laser distance meter DISTO D2

100 m, 635 nm


9. Nikon Prostaff 1000

The compact and lightweight device has a measuring range of 5 to 910 m and the Target Priority Switch System, which offers a choice of two distance measurement modes. In the near target measurement mode, the distance to the nearest object from a group of objects is measured, and in the far target measurement mode, the distance to the farthest object is measured. The distances are displayed in 1-meter increments at the touch of a button. With the single measurement and the continuous measurement of up to eight seconds there are even more options. The high-quality monocular with multilayer coating and 6x magnification ensures a bright and clear image. With its wide measuring range of 5 to 910 m, the instrument covers all distances you need. With the versatile Target Priority Switch System of the Prostaff 1000 you can quickly identify targets. For overlapping objects, you can choose between the near target measurement mode, which indicates the distance to the nearest object, and the far target measurement mode, which indicates the distance to the farthest object. The measurement result is displayed in 1-meter increments on a clear display in a flash. If a single measurement fails, the measurement is automatically retried for up to four seconds until it is successful. If you press and hold the power button, a continuous measurement is taken for up to eight seconds. This allows you to pan through the environment to quickly and easily measure the distance to multiple objects. The high-quality monocular with 6x magnification has multilayer coating of lens and prism surfaces. This ensures a bright and clear view, making it easier to see your target. The large distance of 16.7 mm between the exit pupil and the eyepiece allows comfortable use even for spectacle wearers. With the diopter adjustment you can adjust the display to your visual acuity. The device offers a wide measuring range and is extremely light and compact: it fits in your jacket or trouser pocket, making it the ideal companion when you are on the move. The Prostaff 1000 is robust and rainproof according to JIS/IEC protection class 4 (corresponds to IPX4) and offers a wide temperature tolerance range from -10 °C to +50 °C. With its robustness and reliability it will not let you down in nature. 

10. Bosch Professional Laser range finder GLM 50-27 C

Ideal for demanding construction work thanks to drop resistance up to 1.5 meters, IP 65 certification and a shock-absorbing housing with rubber sheathing, Bluetooth connectivity and Bosch MeasureOn app enable easy documentation and data transfer for seamless workflow,Intuitive user interface with many supporting features (color display, help function) ensures pleasant handling.

Bosch Professional Laser range finder GLM 50-27 C (50 m, 635 nm)
Laser measures

Bosch Professional Laser range finder GLM 50-27 C

50 m, 635 nm