Best products in the Laser measures category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Bosch Home & Garden PLR 30 C

Bosch laser ranger PLR 30 C comes with the free app "PLR measure & go“ that links your PLR 30 C to your smartphone or tablet via built-in Bluetooth. Quickly andeasily transfer your measuring results to the app and take exact measurements of your photos or drafts. The state-of-the-art compact design and high-quality colour display make handling easy. Features: Backlit 1.4" colour display. Softgrip. Surface calculation. Addition, subtraction. Continuous measurement. Bluetooth interface. Reference point measurement from top or bottom of device. 

2. Bosch Professional GLM 40

3. Bosch Home & Garden Zamo IV UNI

The Zamo laser rangefinder makes it easy to determine room lengths or heights, whether for arranging furniture or determining the amount of material required beforepainting or laying floors during renovation work. Position, aim and with just the touch of a button, the Zamo measures precise distances of up to 25 metres. It also calculates square metres, making it very practical for determining the required amount of wallpaper, flooring or other materials. For more convenience, this user-friendly tool has additional measuring functions thanks to three separately available attachments: a line attachment for aligning pictures or other objects, a wheel attachment for measuring curved or uneven surfaces, and a 1.5 metre tape attachment for measuring freestanding objects and perimeters. With the Zamo, there is no need to write down every measurement value, as this device intelligently stores the last 10 values. This practical laser distance meter is always up to date and ready for use: an integrated USB-C® interface allows easy charging and effortless software updates. 

4. Xiaomi Smart Laser Measure

Real-time Distance Meter: After the laser is fired in real-time, the rangefinder will display the current length real-time. Choose a precise and stable second classlaser, as close as 5cm and as far as 40m. Double-issue Single-receive, mm Measurement Accuracy: Double-issue Single-receive laser, laser emission-calibration-display data, the accuracy can reach ±3mm. Mijia APP, Multiple Functions: Connect the mobile phone via Bluetooth and link with the Mijia app to realize data synchronization/remarks, length/area/volume calculation, floor plan surveying and mapping, drawing sharing, and other functions. Floor Plan / Real Scene Painting Measurement: You can directly draw a floor plan in the Mijia APP or take real photo and then draw and measure. The measured data is automatically marked to the selected line, APP intelligently adjusts the length of the line according to the marked data. Area / Volume / Length Calculation: You can flexibly select the existing length, width, and height data for area and volume calculations, and you can also simply add and subtract to calculate the length. Remote Measurement: The mobile phone can be used as a "distance finder remote control" to remotely control the rangefinder measurement. It is suitable for the scene where the rangefinder/human-machine separation must be placed at a fixed point. 

5. Bosch Home & Garden AdvancedDistance 50C

Intelligent planning starts with the AdvancedDistance 50C. Intuitive touch screen and functions for distance measurement as well as area and volume calculation.This is especially useful for checking whether the desired piece of furniture will fit in the home, or for determining the amount of paint or flooring needed. This measuring device can add or subtract results, display oblique angles and even measure up to 50 m indirectly if the measuring distance is blocked by an object. All data can be sent to the Bosch MeasureOn app for convenient documentation, saving time and avoiding errors when manually transferring the measured values. 

Bosch Home & Garden AdvancedDistance 50C (50 m, 635 nm)
Laser measures
89.– CHF

Bosch Home & Garden AdvancedDistance 50C

50 m, 635 nm

6. Nikon Prostaff 1000

The compact and lightweight device has a measuring range of 5 to 910 m and the Target Priority Switch System, which offers a choice of two distance measurement modes.In the near target measurement mode, the distance to the nearest object from a group of objects is measured, and in the far target measurement mode, the distance to the farthest object is measured. The distances are displayed in 1-meter increments at the touch of a button. With the single measurement and the continuous measurement of up to eight seconds there are even more options. The high-quality monocular with multilayer coating and 6x magnification ensures a bright and clear image. With its wide measuring range of 5 to 910 m, the instrument covers all distances you need. With the versatile Target Priority Switch System of the Prostaff 1000 you can quickly identify targets. For overlapping objects, you can choose between the near target measurement mode, which indicates the distance to the nearest object, and the far target measurement mode, which indicates the distance to the farthest object. The measurement result is displayed in 1-meter increments on a clear display in a flash. If a single measurement fails, the measurement is automatically retried for up to four seconds until it is successful. If you press and hold the power button, a continuous measurement is taken for up to eight seconds. This allows you to pan through the environment to quickly and easily measure the distance to multiple objects. The high-quality monocular with 6x magnification has multilayer coating of lens and prism surfaces. This ensures a bright and clear view, making it easier to see your target. The large distance of 16.7 mm between the exit pupil and the eyepiece allows comfortable use even for spectacle wearers. With the diopter adjustment you can adjust the display to your visual acuity. The device offers a wide measuring range and is extremely light and compact: it fits in your jacket or trouser pocket, making it the ideal companion when you are on the move. The Prostaff 1000 is robust and rainproof according to JIS/IEC protection class 4 (corresponds to IPX4) and offers a wide temperature tolerance range from -10 °C to +50 °C. With its robustness and reliability it will not let you down in nature. 

7. Bosch Professional GLM 150-27 C

This rugged outdoor laser rangefinder features digital camera targeting optics with zoom capability for accurate distance measurement up to 150m. Measurements andimages are saved automatically and are easy to read thanks to the large, high-contrast 2.8" IPS color display that switches between portrait and landscape mode. For convenient documentation, all data can be transferred to the Bosch MeasureOn app via Bluetooth or to a PC via a USB port. With IP54 protection, scratch-resistant glass display and user-friendly user interface, this laser rangefinder is the practical all-rounder for harsh working environments.

The GLM 150-27 C laser rangefinder has an integrated lithium-ion battery for long operating time and more flexibility.

-Accurate laser measurement at long distances thanks to digital camera targeting optics with zoom function.
-Optimal reading on the large, high-contrast IPS color display with flip screen function
-Connection via Bluetooth or USB port for easy data documentation

Scope of delivery includes:

-Micro USB cable
-Protective bag
-carrying strap

Bosch Professional GLM 150-27 C (150 m, 650 nm)
Laser measures
270.– CHF

Bosch Professional GLM 150-27 C

150 m, 650 nm

8. Bosch Professional Laser range finder GLM 50-27 C

The GLM 50-27 C Professional laser rangefinder offers a highly durable design that stands up to harsh conditions and allows for quick documentation and easy operation.Its IP 65-certified design includes a shock-absorbing housing and can withstand drops from 1.5 metres, even onto hard concrete. Thanks to fast data transfer via Bluetooth® connectivity and Bosch MeasureOn App, documentation is now easier than ever. Intuitive handling is ensured by an intelligent user interface that offers many helpful features, such as a state-of-the-art colour display and a practical help function.

The device offers a longer battery life (compared to its predecessor GLM 50 C Professional) and both an acoustic and vibration signal to confirm successful measurements.

Scope of delivery includes:
-Protective bag
-carrying strap
-2 x 1.5 V LR6 battery (AA)

Bosch Professional Laser range finder GLM 50-27 C (50 m, 635 nm)
Laser measures
155.– CHF

Bosch Professional Laser range finder GLM 50-27 C

50 m, 635 nm

9. Bosch Professional GLM 50-27 CG

Laser rangefinder GLM 50-27 CG. The GLM 50-27 CG Professional laser rangefinder offers excellent laser dot visibility, a very durable design and fast documentation.As its green laser dot is easier to see compared to a red laser dot, it is particularly suitable for measuring long distances in bright indoor conditions. Thanks to the combination of an IP 65-certified design and a shock-absorbing housing with rubber coating, it can withstand drops from a height of 1.5 metres, even on hard concrete and rough construction sites. Bluetooth connectivity and the Bosch MeasureOn app ensure speedy documentation and lightning-fast transmission of measurement results. This laser rangefinder is ideal for documenting, calculating material requirements, calculating rooms and wall areas and positioning fasteners, making it ideal for architects, electricians and many other professional users. The device gives both an acoustic and vibration signal to confirm a successful measurement and offers a longer battery life (compared to its predecessor GLM 50 C Professional). Included in delivery: Protective bag, carrying strap, 2x 1.5 V LR6 battery (AA). 

Bosch Professional GLM 50-27 CG (50 m, 515 nm)
Laser measures
181.– CHF

Bosch Professional GLM 50-27 CG

50 m, 515 nm

10. DeWalt DW055PL

Compact use, fits easily in your pocket and allows a secure grip thanks to the rubberized bi-material case. Built-in 3.7V lithium-ion battery, for longer runtimewithout changing batteries (~1000 measurements on a full charge). Black display with white font, for better visibility in low light conditions. Laser rangefinder for simple measurement tasks with one-button click measurement. USB charging speed. From completely drained to fully charged charging time 2.5 h. Optimal end-user functions such as: Length measurement, in meters, centimeters, feet and inches. Continuous measurements. Automatic power off after 90 seconds.