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1. Makita Battery pendulum action jigsaw

Thanks to its brushless motor, the battery-powered reciprocating jigsaw DJV181Z uses the 18-volt battery capacity even more efficiently than conventional electric motors. The soft start enables precise positioning and the LED lighting provides a good view of the interface. The DJV181Z continues to impress with its infinitely variable stroke rate and tool-free blade change. It has a 4-stage pendulum stroke and a connection for external suction. When it comes to safety, the DJV181Z excels with a motor brake and a safety switch. Supplied in a box without battery, without charger, without case. 

Makita Battery pendulum action jigsaw (3500 min-1)

Makita Battery pendulum action jigsaw

3500 min-1


2. Bosch Professional Cordless jigsaw GST 18V-Li S

The Bosch cordless jigsaw GST 18 V-LI S Professional impresses with its low overall height and bar shape. It provides excellent manageability for controlled and optimal user comfort. Maximum precision and control with the integrated LED. The stepless gas cutting function is ideal for precise sawing and plunge cutting. A tool-free one-hand saw blade clamping system with saw blade ejection and park position enables a safe and quick saw blade change. The battery is not included. 

Bosch Professional Cordless jigsaw GST 18V-Li S (2700 min-1)

Bosch Professional Cordless jigsaw GST 18V-Li S

2700 min-1


3. Bosch Professional GST 12V-70 Solo

Bosch Professional Cordless jigsaw GST 12V-70 Solo, Equipment: None, Operation mode: Rechargeable, For material: Wood, Metal, Other, Product Category: Cordless jigsaw, Maximum cutting depth 70 mm.

Bosch Professional GST 12V-70 Solo (2800 min-1)

Bosch Professional GST 12V-70 Solo

2800 min-1


4. Makita DJV181ZJ

Excellent performance, robust and powerful engine. Low vibration and noise. Ergonomic. Design for optimal hand control. Handle with soft coating for high working comfort. Powerful anti-dust blower for perfect visibility of the interface. High dust protection. Tool-free blade change. Sturdy. Aluminium die-cast steel composite plate adjustable and tiltable 45°/90°/45°. Plastic sliding plate for Kraz sensitive surfaces. Can be connected to external extraction systems. Supplied in MAKPAC-C transport case, the Makita case system, stackable and connectable, for perfectly protected and easily transportable tools. Powerful LED lighting. 

Makita DJV181ZJ (3500 min-1)

Makita DJV181ZJ

3500 min-1


5. DeWalt DCS335NT-XJ

DeWalt Cordless jigsaw DeWalt 18V/XR, DCS335NT-XJ. DeWalt DCS335NT-XJ, electronic stroke rate preselection via thumb wheel, exact, clearance-free saw blade fit, tool-free aluminium die-cast saw shoe with steel reinforcement and tool protection, adjustable on both sides up to 45°. 3-way reciprocating stroke for optimal cutting performance for all applications. Lifting rod with balancing weight reduces vibrations. Rubberised grip areas for fatigue-free work. Chip blowing device guarantees a clear view of the initial cut. Scope of delivery: AirLock-compatible dust extraction adapter, saw shoe protective cover, T-STAK case, battery pack not included, charger not included. 

6. Metabo Pendulum jigsaw STE 100 Quick CH

STE 100 Quick jigsaw from Metabo:
-Extremely slim jigsaw for perfect handling in every application
-Precise sawing suitable for the material due to variable stroke rate, pendulum stroke and low-lying, spring-supported saw blade guide
-Metabo Quick for tool-free saw blade change with automatic ejection
-Switchable chip blower function ensures a clear view of the interface
Vario-Constamatic (VC) full-shaft
electronics for working with material-specific stroke rates that remain almost constant under load
-Suction option through connection of an all-purpose vacuum cleaner
-Captive protective glass that can be pushed down for effective extraction and protection against flying chips

Scope of delivery includes:
-Suction nozzle
-Jigsaw blade wood
-Socket spanner
-plastic case
-Protective glass
-Chipbreaker plate

Technical data:
Rated input power: 710 W
Output power: 470 W
Cutting depth wood: 100 mm
Cutting depth non-ferrous metal: 25 mm
Cutting depth sheet steel: 10 mm
Swivel range from/to: - 45 / + 45 °
Pendulum stroke steps: 4
Stroke rate at idle: 1000 - 3100 /min
Saw blade stroke: 22 mm
Weight without mains cable: 2 kg
Cable length: 4 m

Sawing wood: 13 m/s²
Uncertainty K: 1.5 m/s²
Sawing metal: 13.7 m/s²
Measurement uncertainty K: 1.5 m/s²

Sound pressure level: 86 dB(A)
Sound power level (LwA): 97 dB(A)
Measurement uncertainty K: 3 dB(A)

Metabo Pendulum jigsaw STE 100 Quick CH (3100 min-1)
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Metabo Pendulum jigsaw STE 100 Quick CH

3100 min-1


7. Bosch Professional GST 18V-155 SC C solo CLC

Bosch GST 18V-155 SC cordless jigsaw 18V (without battery and without charger). Master the most demanding cuts in any position - with bar handle. Ergonomic design: with 360° gripping option for ideal tool control - even when sawing upside down. Perfect precision: saw blade guide prevents bending of the saw blade even in small curves. Large saw blade ejection lever, drop control function and external dust extraction for better health protection and higher safety for the user. Particularly suitable for round and cross cuts in solid wood, chipboard and wood composites as well as in thicker or harder materials. Features a robust die-cast aluminium base plate with two fixing points for greater stability and safety. Adaptive Speed Control (ASC) supports high precision at the start of the cut. Connectivity module allows individual adjustment of speed and lighting and provides important tool information. Compatible with guide rails (via adapter) and all Bosch Professional 18V batteries and chargers (Professional 18V System). Scope of delivery: Bosch GST 18V-155 SC cordless jigsaw 18V solo. 1 x jigsaw blade T 144 DP wood. 1 x jigsaw blade T 308 BP wood. Note: Battery and charger not included (optionally available). 

Bosch Professional GST 18V-155 SC C solo CLC (18 V)

Bosch Professional GST 18V-155 SC C solo CLC

18 V


8. Bosch Professional GST 18V-Li S

Bosch GST 18 V-LI S Professional battery-powered jigsaw Optimum control thanks to the narrow rod shape Bosch SDS system operating mode: 18V battery stroke height: 23 mm stroke rate at idling speed: 550 2700 min-1-cutting depths:-wood: up to 120 mm-Alu: up to 20 mm-Metal: up to 8 mm sound pressure level: 79 dB(A)Scope of supply:-Akku-Stichsäge GST 18 V-LI S-Spanreisschutz-1/1 L-Boxx-Einlage für Gerät und Ladegerät-1x Stichsägeblatt T 308 B, Extra Clean for Wood-1x Stichsägeblatt R 144 DP, Precision for Wood-1x Stichsägeblatt T 244 D, Speed for WoodDelivery without battery and charger. 

Bosch Professional GST 18V-Li S (2.70 min-1)

Bosch Professional GST 18V-Li S

2.70 min-1


9. Bosch Professional GST 150 CE

High power reserves even in hard and thick beams due to powerful 780 watt motor with overload capability. Extremely robust and bending-resistant footplate for the toughest applications. High cutting precision thanks to new saw blade clamping system. Tool-free saw blade clamping system for easy and quick change of the saw blade. Ergonomic grip area with soft grip surfaces for high working comfort. 4-step oscillation for fine to coarse cuts. Equipped with electronic speed preselection, chip break protection, craftsman's case, suction set, slide shoe, cover, suction nozzle and 1 x saw blade T 144 DP. 

Bosch Professional GST 150 CE (3100 min-1)

Bosch Professional GST 150 CE

3100 min-1


10. Bosch PST 18 LI

The cordless jigsaw PST 18 LI is characterized by its compact size and low weight. A powerful 18 V battery with lithium-ion technology and a charger are available separately. Further advantages of the PST 18 LI are the Bosch Electronic and the intelligent Bosch Syneon chip. The Bosch Electronic enables the number of strokes to be controlled via the lever handle. The Syneon chip provides more battery life per charge. The PST 18 LI achieves a cutting depth of up to 80 millimeters in wood and up to 5 millimeters in steel. Without battery. 

Bosch PST 18 LI (2400 min-1)

Bosch PST 18 LI

2400 min-1