Best products in the Detectors category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Bosch Professional GMS 120 Multidetector

GMS 120 is the most reliable multidetector in its class. Highest reliability: Automatic calibration finds all objects and avoids application errors. Reliable location even of deep objects - up to 12 cm depth. Even more reliable detection of objects with three-color LED light ring. Precise display of the object center with the Center Finder scale and display of material properties. Better visibility of the result through an illuminated display. Marking opening with LED light ring. Three detection modes for different applications: Dry construction mode, metal mode, live wire mode. 

Bosch Professional GMS 120 Multidetector

Bosch Professional GMS 120 Multidetector


2. TFA PH Check

The pH value is a measure of the acidic or basic character of an aqueous solution and refers to the concentration of hydrogen ions. The lower the pH value, the higher the acidity on a scale of 0 to 14. Pure water has a pH value of 7 and is considered neutral. Liquids with a pH above 7 are bases or alkaline solutions. The pH value is particularly important for fish and plants in aquariums and ponds, for drinking and heating water, swimming pools and in the production of food and cosmetics. With the digital pH meter PH CHECK you can easily and reliably determine the pH reading and the current temperature. The pH values of solutions are temperature-dependent. The integrated thermometer ensures automatic temperature compensation and thus particularly accurate results. By pressing the HOLD button, the current measured values are held and permanently displayed. Regular calibration ensures the functionality of the instrument and is easy to perform. The pH meter is splash-proof according to IP65 and can be cleaned after use under running tap water or with distilled water. To prevent the electrode from drying out, it should always be stored in the supplied container filled with a special solution. No calibration solution is included in the scope of delivery of the device. 

3. Media-Tech MT4099

4. Bosch Truvo

How do you know how property developers, pipes or cables run in the wall? The Truvo locator from Bosch detects iron, non-ferrous metals and live cables at a depth of up to 7 cm. A traffic light system and warning tones signal where it is better not to drill. This point can be marked using the marking slots. Thanks to the one-button operation and automatic calibration, the Truvo is the perfect entry-level device. The Truvo locator detects ferrous metals up to a depth of 7 cm, non-ferrous metals up to 6 cm. It detects current-carrying cables up to 5 cm deep in the wall or ceiling. Three LED lights inform the user according to the simple traffic light principle: green light means that no object was found in the wall, yellow light means that drilling is not recommended. Red light should not be drilled, with the red light flashing if the find is a live wire. So even the inexperienced do-it-yourselfer can clearly see at first glance where he is allowed to drill and where not. In addition to the red traffic light, the Truvo locator from Bosch emits signal tones: The varying sound and its LEDs help to find objects: The locator distinguishes the key and provides a continuous signal and a solid metal LED while indicating power by means of an interrupted tone and a flashing LED. To be able to drill, a do-it-yourselfer must know where metal supports, pipes or live cables run in the wall. The Truvo locator from Bosch reliably detects iron, non-ferrous metals and live cables. A traffic light system and warning tones clearly indicate where the DIY enthusiast is better off not drilling. Thanks to its particularly easy operation, the reliable Truvo locator from Bosch is a practical aid for the DIY enthusiast and reduces the risk of drilling holes in and damage to metal, pipe or cable load-bearing components when decorating, renovating or installing. Technical data: Detectable materials: ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, live wires. Detection depth steel, max.: 70 mm. Detection depth copper, max.: 60 mm. Detection depth of live cables, max.: 50 mm. Calibration: automatic. Battery: 3 x 1.5 V-LR03 (AAA). Automatic switch-off: 10 min. Weight: 0,15 kg. Working range, approx.: 0.07 m. 

5. X4 4in1 Soil tester

With the digital soil meter you can quickly and conveniently determine the pH value, moisture and temperature of the soil as well as the light intensity of the location. Determine whether the soil quality and the environmental conditions meet the requirements of your plants. The acidity of the soil is an important indicator of healthy plant growth. This should therefore be checked regularly. Thanks to the simple operation, you can read the measurement results immediately on the digital display. The batteries are not included in the scope of delivery. 

X4 4in1 Soil tester
17.95was 19.95

X4 4in1 Soil tester


6. Peaktech P 8005

This digital sound level meter with 4-digit 20 mm LCD multifunction display (58 x 44 mm), data logger, bargraph and backlight is designed for noise projects, quality control and all kinds of ambient sound measurements, as well as for sound measurement in factories, schools, offices, traffic, household and many more. In addition, the PeakTech 8005 has a USB interface that can be used to make continuous measurements over longer periods of time. A valuable support for these applications is the AC adapter for the power supply, as well as the tripod for stable readings. The unit offers the choice between manual and automatic range selection in 4 measuring ranges from 30 ... 130 dB with a resolution of 0.1 dB; switching between fast and slow according to the weighting characteristics and the choice between A and C weighting. 

7. Bosch Professional GIC 120 C inspection camera

For optimal spatial orientation, the Up is Up (TM) function operates with rotation and simultaneous alignment of the image in a large display. Direct transfer of images and videos via USB cable for fast storage of high-quality documentation on critical areas. Dual Power Source technology enables operation with both 12V Li-Ion and standard alkaline batteries. Quick Connector technology for easy and quick changing of the camera cable and compact storage of the device. Compact housing with improved ergonomics - For best handling in all situations. Digital zoom for better recognition of details. 120 cm long camera cable for better access to the problem areas. Bright LED for illumination of dark areas. AA1 Alkaline battery adapter (1 608 M00 C1B), camera cable for GIC 120 C, diameter 8.5 mm, 120 cm long (1 600 A00 9B9), hook, magnet, mirror, L-BOXX insert, micro-USB cable, 4GB MicroSD card, 4 x 1.5 V-LR6 battery (AA). 

Bosch Professional GIC 120 C inspection camera

Bosch Professional GIC 120 C inspection camera


8. Media-Tech MT4095

The universal USB inspection borescope MT4095 works in hard-to-reach places such as sewage pipes, ventilation ducts, interiors of machines, engines, vehicles, etc.

works in hard-to-reach places such as sewage pipes, ventilation ducts, inside machines, engines, vehicles, etc. A long (5 m) and flexible connection cable makes it possible to place a small inspection camera (5.5 mm) in a hard-to-reach place to get an image on a computer monitor or smartphone screen.

For a better preview effect, the camera is equipped with 6 bright LEDs with brightness adjustment on the cable.

Micro-USB to USB A OTG adapter-This allows you to use the endoscope on both a computer and an Android smartphone.

If you want to use Endoscope USB with a mobile device under the control of the system, download the free OTG endoscope application from the Google PLAY Store. If you want to use Endoscope USB with a PC, install ViewPlayCap from the CD supplied or download it here.

9. Bosch Locating device Truvo

Holes should only be drilled in suitable locations. But how can do-it-yourselfers be sure where support elements, pipes or electrical cables are laid? The Truvo detector from Bosch detects ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as electrical cables and thus prevents unpleasant surprises when drilling. The uncomplicated traffic light system and the associated warning tones clearly indicate where drilling can be done safely and where it is best to avoid. Thanks to its easy handling, the Truvo is also suitable for beginners. 

10. Sikvio Bugs detector

This anti-spy signal detector is equipped with powerful chips and professional signal processing technology. All kinds of detection can be completed in a few minutes, eliminating all suspicious risks. With the automatic detection function, eavesdropping, photography and personal privacy disclosure can be effectively prevented. The signal detection device can adjust the sensitivity according to the actual need. The detection frequency range is wider and the anti-spying ability is stronger. By adjusting the potentiometer, not only can the source of radio waves be detected and found more quickly and accurately, but also can be monitored, intercepted and tracked. The small size and lightweight design makes this product easy to carry to a variety of occasions, and you can easily operate it with just a few buttons. Dual-mode RF detector detectable, buzzer mode and vibration mode can also use headphones to detect RF signals without the device sounding. This wireless detector can quickly and accurately detect if your car is equipped with a magnetic eavesdropper/hidden camera. It can accurately detect various RF frequencies from eavesdroppers from 1 MHz to 6.5 GHz for all wireless audio and video transmission frequencies with FR frequencies.