Best products in the Christmas tree category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Star Trading Bergen

2. Fascinating Lights Tree

STT Christmas tree 2.5 m, green, 680 LEDs, height: 250 cm, lighting: Yes, outdoor use: Yes, colour: green.

3. Star Trading Ottawa

A beautiful Christmas tree with LED lighting for outdoor and indoor use. Creates a nice Christmas atmosphere in the garden or in the house. With this tree you can adjust the angle when unfolding as you wish, as the branches have no stop. 

4. House Doctor Peuce

Consider this Christmas tree your shortcut to a cosy Christmas. Peuce, as it is called, comes with a highly realistic design which is completed with 180 small LED lights. With a height of 180 cm and some volume to it, the tree from House Doctor is a wonderful alternative to a genuine Christmas tree. Especially if you want to use it over a longer period of time and next year as well. Let it greet your guests in the hallway or use it in the living room as you would a normal tree. It gives off a minimalist vibe as it is and you can decorate it with your favourite ornaments for a personal touch. Also available in a smaller size. 

5. Fascinating Lights Fairy tale

STT LED Tree Fairy Tale 250 cm.

6. Botanic-Haus De Luxe

Easy Shape can be simply plugged together. Tree automatically unfolds into its natural shape without bending branches. Made from injection moulded polyethylene

7. Sirius Kira

Sirius Christmas tree Kira 280 LEDs.

8. Star Trading Quebec

A beautiful Christmas tree for outdoor or indoor use. Creates a beautiful Christmas atmosphere in the garden or in the house. On this tree you can adjust the angle according to your wishes, if you unfold it, because the branches are not provided with a stop. 

9. Sirius Alex

Sirius LED decoration tree Alex snowed 180cm, operating mode: mains operation, lamp: LED, outdoor application, number of lamps: 240 ×, Christmas lighting type: trees/branches, 12W, incl. outdoor transformer, cable: 8m, solid metal ground stake, without basket. 

10. Star Trading LED Christmas tree

Green decoration tree with 40 warm white LEDs, powered by 3 AA batteries. A beautiful tree that can be used both indoors and outdoors.