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1. Badabulle Car sun visors

Protects against sunlight and prevents heat build-up in the vehicle. As soon as the sun comes out, the temperature in the car can rise quickly. To make car journeys with your toddler as pleasant as possible, you can ideally protect them from dangerous sun rays with these sun visors. Thanks to the 2-in-1 function, your child is protected from the heat and also from insects when the window is open. Thanks to the stretchy fabric, the sun visors can be easily pulled over the car door to cover the entire car window. The sunshade covers are soft and breathable, allowing air to flow through while blocking 99% of the sun's rays. The sunshades are universally designed to fit all side windows, whether small car, Suv, family car, estate or minivan. The icing on the cake: The practical storage bag for when you're on the road is included. Discover more items from the Badabulle collection for adventurers. This is why you will love this product: Stretches up to a width of 110 cm and a height of 60 cm, sun and heat protection, does not slip when the windows are open and also protects against insects, transport bag included. 

Badabulle Car sun visors
Car sunshades
11.30 CHF 20% discount with voucher code

Badabulle Car sun visors

2. Reer TravelKid Sun Basic

The car sunshade reliably protects against direct sunlight. Thanks to its optimal fit, it is suitable for most car windows. You can attach it quickly and easily, as it is equipped with a suction cup. The sunshade is semi-transparent, it does not prevent the view. 

3. Reer TravelKid Sun Pure

Children are often exposed to prolonged exposure to the sun, especially during long car journeys and holidays. This is not only very unpleasant, but can also lead to overheating, sunburn or sunstroke. The TravelKid Sun car sun protection set, consisting of 2 sun visors and matching storage bag, reliably protects your child in the car from harmful sunlight. The TravelKid Sun Pure provides pleasant shade for your child in the car and prevents the interior of the car from heating up. The high-quality fabric has a sun protection factor of 50+ and thus offers full protection against the sun's rays. In addition to the general protection against sunlight, it also repels dangerous UV rays and thus protects your child from sunburn. 

4. Walser Front sunshade 130 x 60 cm with air chambers

The useful front sunshade in silver protects your car windows from direct sunlight. So it stays nice and cool inside your car. Made of bubble wrap.

Walser Front sunshade 130 x 60 cm with air chambers
Car sunshades
28.40 CHF

Walser Front sunshade 130 x 60 cm with air chambers

5. Jané Window sock

The sunshade is pulled over the car door. It is suitable for use in most vehicles. Available in two sizes: (L) 50-75 cm high / 55-105 cm wide, (XL) 50-75 cm high / 60-115 cm wide. Covers 100% of the window area. Sun protection factor UVB/UVA 30+. Easy to install and store as the super-light polyester material does not need to be attached with magnets or suction cups. 

6. Baby Plus UV sun protection

The UV sunshade with the dimensions of approx. 36 x 44 cm is attached to the car window via two suction cups. The sunshade protects against solar radiation, but still allows visibility to the outside. The sunshade prevents the car interior from heating up, thus relieving the air conditioning system and providing shade. The sunshade is quickly and easily attached and can be fixed in any position.Details:- Suitable for all car types - For side and rear windows - Easy to attach with the suction cup mount - The sunshade is very easy to fold. 

7. Hauck Shade me 2

These high-quality sun blinds effectively protect against direct sunlight and thus against rapid heating of the vehicle. The lightweight but durable mesh material is 37 cm wide and can be adjusted to any length. The view outside is not impaired. The solar shading is wound onto the side of the guide rail at the push of a button. They are attached either by means of the two clips directly on the vehicle window or by means of the extra strong suction cups on the window pane. 2 pieces per package. 

8. Lescars Universal Overlay Sunshades

Provide shade instead of sunshine: Protect both small and large passengers on the back seat from UV rays, extreme heat or even overheating. Universal fit - simply pull over: Thanks to the stretchable elastic band, you can attach the sun visors to your car or SUV in no time. You simply stretch them over the window frame - and they fit perfectly. At the same time, the car interior is also protected from unwanted glances. Ensure fresh air at all times: Unlike conventional sun visors, your new shade dispensers are pulled over the window frame. This allows you to open and close the window at any time without hindrance. The fine mesh fabric allows air to circulate - and keeps annoying insects outside. 

9. Disney Interactive Studios Sun protection

The sunshade for the car protects your child from the blinding sun. The sunshade is easy to attach to the car window with suction cups. 2 pcs. foldable with suction cups Pair of sunshades for the car side windows. This sunshade product is EN 71 approved. incl. space-saving storage bag 36x45cm. 

10. Britax Römer Self-adhesive sun visor

The self-adhesive sun visors from Römer are characterised by a unique adhesive design with a lightweight reinforced frame. These features simplify mounting and repositioning.