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1. Technocraft Barrier tape

Multi-purpose tape made of polyethylene, environmentally friendly, printed on both sides red/white, packed in carton.

2. Rs Pro Barrier tape

RS Pro is proud to introduce this safety barrier tape. This security barrier tape is made of high density PolyPropylene. This barrier is suitable for indoor applications such as restricting access to a specific area, no-go zones and doors. For outdoor applications, you can find it in car parks, as road barriers, to mark go zones and to highlight dangerous areas. The durability of this safety barrier means you can quickly set up temporary area restrictions. This barrier features horizontal strips of green and white stripes to make it highly visible. This barrier is easy to attach and is double-sided to ensure it can be used in a variety of ways. 

3. Arebos Airport passenger guidance systems

4 way head with 3 way mounting option at 90 degree angle. Polished stainless steel, can be used outdoors. Heavy base that is gentle on the floor. "Over corner" connections possible without any problems. High-quality textile belt in bright red. The Arebos pedestrian guidance system "Airport" is characterised by its visual attractiveness and high flexibility. The demarcation stands are made of stainless steel. Red, extendable demarcation belts are integrated into them. Any number of delimitation stands can be lined up next to each other. As each stand has fastening points for the band at an angle of 90 degrees and a very heavy base, "corner" connections can also be realised without any problems. All parts are made of stainless steel, which allows an outdoor use without any problems. Scope of delivery: 2x demarcation stand with tape. 

Arebos Airport passenger guidance systems

Arebos Airport passenger guidance systems


4. tesa Signal Barrier Tape

tesa Signal Barrier Tape
The uncomplicated and effective solution when it comes to protecting hazardous areas or grounds from unauthorised access: tesa Signal Barrier
Tape. A non-adhesive marking tape that, thanks to its classic red and white colour combination, is intuitively perceived by everyone as a warning signal. Whether passers-by are to be prevented from entering your premises or certain areas are to be flexibly demarcated - the marking tape does not miss its signal effect. With a width of 8 cm, the tape is easily perceptible.

Handling is very easy. With a UV resistance of up to 3 months, the barrier tape is also suitable for long-lasting projects - both indoors and outdoors.

tesa - more than just an adhesive tape
tesa is one of the world's leading manufacturers of adhesive tapes and adhesive system solutions and stands for high-quality products. For over 125 years, the German company has been developing solutions for a wide range of applications for the office, home, and garden, as well as for the automotive and electronics industries. tesa offers private households several hundred solutions for fastening, mounting, packaging, renovating, repairing, insulating, and protecting against insects, dust, and drafts.

5. Kinzo Barrier tape 25m 48mm

Product information, , Ideal for cordoning off and marking, Material: plastic.

6. Arebos Passenger guidance system

Arebos Passenger guidance system

Arebos Passenger guidance system

7. Cimco Barrier tape

Cimco 182782 Barrier tape red/white (L x W) 500m x 75mm.

8. Rs-Guidesystems Belt barrier post, set of 2, for indoor and outdoor use

The flexible belt barrier post in the practical set of 2 is ideal for short-term barriers or as an effective crowd control system indoors and outdoors.Especially at events, in hotel entrance halls, at the registration area, at trade fair booths and much more, belt barrier posts are indispensable for effective, flexible area barriers. The belt barrier posts, which are available in a set of 2, are easy and time-saving to set up. There is also no need for tiresome winding and unwinding of the belt, because the automatic rewinding system ensures that the belt is perfectly stowed in the barrier post. Simply pull out the belt and hook it onto the second barrier post, wall clip or a wall cassette. In addition, when the belt is extended, the centrifugal brake kicks in for safety, so it won't snap back unintentionally. Posts and base plates can be easily bolted together in just a few simple steps. The belt posts are available in the belt colors black-yellow and red-white - each with diagonal stripes. The post is approx. one meter high and weighs around 10.5 kilos, the belt is approx. 50 mm wide and can be extended to a maximum of 3 meters.Post tube: metal, painted yellow, red or black, ø approx. 63 mmBottom plate: plastic-coated weight base with integrated thread for quick and easy assembly by screwing together post and bottom plate, ø approx. 350 mmBelt cassette with centrifugal brakeTotal height: approx. 1000 mmTotal weight: approx. 10, 5 kgMax. Belt extension length: 3 mBelt width: approx. 50 mmBelt colors: black-yellow or red-white diagonally striped. 

Rs-Guidesystems Belt barrier post, set of 2, for indoor and outdoor use

Rs-Guidesystems Belt barrier post, set of 2, for indoor and outdoor use


9. Rs Pro Polypropylene Trassing Tape Blue, White Type , 80mm x 500m

Tape type = Route tape // Carrier material = Polypropylene // Width = 80mm // Length = 500m // // RS PRO 13.

Rs Pro Polypropylene Trassing Tape Blue, White Type , 80mm x 500m
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Rs Pro Polypropylene Trassing Tape Blue, White Type , 80mm x 500m

10. Kaiser+Kraft Insertion sleeve with tabs

Push-in sleeve with lugs, LxW 300 x 120 mm, hot-dip galvanised.
LxW 300 x 120 mm.

Kaiser+Kraft Insertion sleeve with tabs

Kaiser+Kraft Insertion sleeve with tabs