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1. EcoFlow Solar panel

Two in one. The 220W Bifacial Portable Solar Panel from EcoFlow is two in one. With a 220W primary side and a 155W side on the back for ambient light, you can capture up to 25% more solar energy and charge your portable power plant even faster. With a mirrored surface, you can capture up to 80% more energy. Tempered Glass. Durable The thin, one-piece tempered glass design makes it five times more durable than comparable panels and can withstand heat up to 300°F. It's safe to say it can withstand the elements. Compact. Portable It's a portable solar panel designed from the ground up to be compact. It's 10% smaller than comparable 220W panels, saves space with thinner tempered glass, and takes up less area for the same power output. More than just a carrying case It comes with its own carrying case so you can take it with you wherever you go. When you arrive at your destination, simply unfold it and use it as a stand to make the most of the sun. Waterproof We've set new standards with this panel. It is completely waterproof and dustproof. Rain, wind or shine, your panel is waterproof thanks to IP68 certification. 

2. Goal Zero Nomad 10

The Nomad 10 Watt panel gives you the solar collecting capability needed to charge your phone anywhere the sun shines. Redesigned for a more seamless solar charging experience, the Nomad 10 features a built-in Flip dock and adjustable kickstand that clicks and locks into place for added stability. Integrated USB port charges phones, power banks, and other small devices. 

3. Goal Zero Nomad 100

Portable, rugged and powerful foldable 100 watt panel is designed for easy transport in mobile base camps and for die-hard adventurers. Features integrated charging cables for Sherpa Power Banks and Goal Zero Yeti Portable Power Stations. This panel can be daisy chained with several other solar panels to collect more energy from the sun and power the Yeti 1000 and larger devices The energy can be transferred via USB interface or but 12V port or to the device being charged. The application is very simple. It is foldable, extremely solid and weather resistant. Solid eyelets allow the panel to be attached to your backpack, for example. 

4. Goal Zero Nomad 50

The versatile four-panel design makes it easy to deploy and collect solar energy while stationary, and then quickly stow it away while driving in tight spaces in the vehicle. Combine it with a Yeti Power Station to charge laptops, power portable fridges and supply essential electronics. With 50 watts, you can charge energy banks and power stations to charge laptops, power portable refrigerators and supply important electronics. Four monocrystalline panels, enclosed in a protective cover, fold into a compact profile for easy storage and versatility. Hanging loops allow you to attach the panel to vehicles, tents and more. With integrated charging cables for use with Goal Zero Yeti Power Stations, Sherpa Power Banks and USB devices. With the integrated 8mm cable you can chain additional solar panels for faster charging times. Recommended power pairs: Sherpa 100AC: charges in 3-6 hours; Yeti 150: charges in 5.5-11 hours; Yeti 200X: charges in 5-10 hours; Yeti 400: charges in 12-24 hours; Yeti 400 Lithium: charges in 12-24 hours; Yeti 500X: charges in 12-24 hours. 

5. Goal Zero Nomad 20

Solar panel power: 20 W, Panel type: Portable, Frame: Frameless.

6. Goal Zero Nomad 200

Like their namesake, our Nomad foldable panels are designed for life on the go. Nomads, our most portable large solar offering, shrinks to a quarter of its size, making it ideal for situations where power needs are great and space is limited. The Nomad 200 delivers up to 200 watts of solar to keep a Yeti power plant charged, and everything from laptops to refrigerators to medical equipment running for days. NOMAD 200 features: - Protective Case Four monocrystalline panels in a protective case fold into a compact profile for easy storage. Hanging loops let you attach the panel to vehicles, tents and more. - Secure Placement Built-in legs pop out to stabilize the panel while solar charging, and attach to the panel when not in use. Each leg features a stake-out loop for added security. - Integrated Cables The included 6-foot APP charging cable integrates seamlessly with Goal Zero Yeti power plants and is conveniently stored in our integrated mesh case. 1x Nomad 200 Solar Panel

The Nomad 200 solar panel is Goal Zero's largest foldable solar panel at 2.55 m x 71.6 cm. Consisting of four monocrystalline solar modules, which are connected in parallel. With an output of 200 watts, you can generate a large amount of energy, which you can store with a power station from Goal Zero. The clever design allows the Nomad 200 to fold into an easily transportable size of 71.6 x 56.6 x 5.0 cm. This makes this solar panel a unique partner for virtually any outdoor or camping situation. The solar panel has a stable kickstand on the back, which allows you to easily align the Nomad 200 at an optimal angle of 45 degrees to the sun. Of course, this solar panel from Goal Zero is also splash-proof. So you can easily put the module in wet grass or in a boat, even in the rain (no salt water). The Goal Zero Nomad 200 solar panel is made of heavy-duty

7. Goal Zero Nomad 5

A lightweight solution for on-the-go power from the sun, the Nomad 5 features 5-watts of monocrystalline in a rugged enclosure with an easy-to-use kickstand and USB output. 5 Watt panel gives you the solar collecting capability needed to charge your phone anywhere the sun shines. Built-in kickstand clicks into place at multiple angles, so you can easily position your panel for optimal solar collection. Built-in kickstand clicks into place at multiple angles, so you can easily position your panel for optimal solar collection. Rugged and durable, built to last as long as your adventures do. Rugged and durable, built to last as long as your adventures do. Solar panels do not hold a charge, they produce power when exposed to sunlight. For the best charging experience, pair with a Flip 12 power bank to keep devices charged on the go. Simply plug the Flip into the panel's built-in charging dock to charge the battery from sun while hiking, biking, or on the move. Then, use the Flip to charge your phone when the sun goes down. The Nomad 5 is great for charging things like: Headlamps, phones, other smaller USB devices, Goal Zero Power Banks. 

8. Jackery SolarSaga 100

SolarSaga 100 monocrystalline solar panel for self-sufficient power on the go! With a high conversion efficiency of up to 23%, it is ideal for outdoor activities and even for unexpected power outages at home. The solar panel has a weight of 4.69 kg - lightweight, foldable and equipped with an easy-to-carry handle. High Conversion Efficiency Solar Generator: With a high conversion efficiency of up to 23%, the SolarSaga 100 works perfectly with the Explorer 1000/500/240 Powerstation (sold separately) to function as an off-grid solar generator - Ideal solution for self-sufficient camping or unexpected power outages. Solar charger with two USB outputs: Equipped with 1* USB-C output and 1* USB-A output to directly charge multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, etc.
Lightweight, durable and practical: SolarSaga 100 features a foldable design with a TPE rubber handle and weighs only 4.69kg. It is convenient to carry wherever you go. Adjust the angle with the built-in stand. Made of durable fabric, zipper and PET material, high temperature resistant.

9. Jackery Solar module SolarSaga 200, 200 W

Compatible with Jakery Explorer 2000 Pro: It only takes 2.5 hours to fully charge the portable Jackery Powerstation Explorer 2000 Pro via 6 SolarSaga 200. The portable solar module is also compatible with other Jackery Powerstations. Excellent conversion efficiency: Advanced solar cells on the solar panel provide higher conversion efficiency of up to 24.3%, outperforming comparable solar panels and producing more electricity under similar conditions. Quick setup: The solar panel is set up in seconds and is extremely stable thanks to its 3 side supports. The angle ensures optimal sunlight absorption, making it your perfect outdoor travel companion. Highly portable: A practical carrying bag is included for easy transport. Magnetic pads make the solar panel easy to fold and transport on your off-grid travels. Durable: The ETFE-laminated housing makes the solar panel robust and guarantees an extended service life. In addition, the IP67 certification allows the panel to withstand harsh and wet weather conditions. 

Jackery Solar module SolarSaga 200, 200 W (200 W, 8 kg)
Solar panels

Jackery Solar module SolarSaga 200, 200 W

200 W, 8 kg

10. Jackery SolarSaga

Solar panel with improved solar efficiency through double-sided panels. Monocrystalline solar cells with 25% efficiency. Integrated transport bag with reflective material to achieve maximum solar absorption. Water and dust resistant - IP68. Compatible with all Jackery Powerstations. Efficient use of solar energy with monocrystalline solar cells. This solar module is composed of monocrystalline cells, so it contains pure crystalline silicon. If you only have a relatively small south-facing roof surface available, then solar power production with monocrystalline modules is the good solution: of the various types of photovoltaic modules available, monocrystalline ones are the most effective, both in direct sunlight and in low light. This means that you get the maximum amount of electricity from a small footprint and cover your entire consumption - even if it should be relatively high - with environmentally friendly self-production. 

Jackery SolarSaga (80 W, 5.10 kg)
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191.80 was 206.63

Jackery SolarSaga

80 W, 5.10 kg