Top-rated products in the Length measuring tool category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Stanley Bandmass Powerlock 5m

Stanley Tape measure Tylon 5m completely coated with Tylon-Polymer protective layer. Extra strong strap (19mm) bent with brake, automatic return and belt clip.

2. Stanley Bandmass Tylon

Stanley's 3 metre long Tylon tape measure (accuracy class II) is an extra strong 12.7mm wide tape, curved and fully coated with Tylon polymer protective layer. The end hook is double riveted, movable for inside and outside measurement. The robust housing is impact-resistant, rubberized and offers maximum ease of use and durability. The Tylon measuring tape also has a locking device, automatic return and a belt clip. 

3. Mannesmann Measuring tape

Roll tape measure with locking stopper for locking the tape measure. With metal clip to attach to the belt. Wide, easy to read tape measure. Steel measuring tape. Plastic body. 

4. Stanley Pocket roller tape measure

5. Longlife Double meter longlife

Made of PA, 30 % glass fibre reinforced, embossed duplex mm graduation, red decimetre numbers, with metal ends, return graduation on the inside.

6. Hultafors Hultafors limb metre

folding meter wood HULTAFORS 559-2-10 Swedish brand, with concealed rivets and steel inner springs, fittings made of brass, natural lacquered, end blue, with double division, with internal numbering 

7. Stabila Wooden folding ruler

Advantages that clearly catch the eye: Larger black and red numerals for even better readability, even in hard-to-see places and in poor lighting conditions. Recessed, high-quality spring steel joints that give a continuous straight edge to the unfolded links. This allows the scale to be used immediately as a ruler for a continuous marking line. With CE and metrology marking as well as EC type examination certificate. 

8. Stanley Tape measure FatMax XL Blade Armor

Tape measure with extra large hook. Premium quality: Tape (32 mm) can be extended horizontally up to 4 m without kinking. The first 15 cm of the tape is covered with fluorescent Blade Armor foil - 95% less risk of breakage. Tape completely covered with Mylar protective layer. Controlled tape return for optimum protection of the end hook. Large hook, triple riveted, sliding for inside and outside measurement. Chrome-plated housing, impact-resistant and polished, rubberized. Belt clip. Maximum ease of use and durability. With locking device and automatic return. Accuracy class II. 

9. Pocket tape measure

10. Wolfcraft Double meter

Double meter of beech wood.