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1. Proxxon Center Drill Set

Made of HSS steel. DIN 333 (form A). 60°. Complete set with one center drill 2 - 2.5 and 3.15 mm.

Proxxon Center Drill Set
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13.–per piece for 2 units

Proxxon Center Drill Set


2. Proxxon Die holder

For external threads M 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 8 and 10. With clamping pin Ø 10 mm for fastening in the tailstock drill chuck of the lathe. The holder is held by hand during thread cutting. Completely packed in a wooden box with sliding lid. 

Proxxon Die holder

Proxxon Die holder


3. Proxxon MICRO lathe DB 250

Making models is a nice and useful hobby. Glasses, cups, pots and columns for table dolls can be made. Tanks, windows and illuminated signs can be made for railway modelling. Dolls and legs for dolls and other hundreds of objects for every hobby can be made with this device. Electronic speed control enables "semi-automatic" dyeing at low speeds. The bearing shaft has a bore of 10 mm for serial production of various components. Powerful motor with electronic speed control. The chassis is made of profiled aluminium. A centring clamp with clamping spindle. Support for adjustable tools in all directions. 

Proxxon MICRO lathe DB 250

Proxxon MICRO lathe DB 250


4. Proxxon Röhm gear rim drill chuck

Gear rim drill chuck. Clamping range from 0.5 - 6.5 mm. Industrial design with high concentricity (approved up to 10,000 rpm). Complete with pin B 10 x MK 0/short. For the tailstock of the FD 150/E. 

Proxxon Röhm gear rim drill chuck

Proxxon Röhm gear rim drill chuck


5. Holzmann Woodturning lathe

Holz Lathe Holzmann Machines D300F_230V.

Holzmann Woodturning lathe

Holzmann Woodturning lathe


6. Proxxon Sleeve with quick-action drill chuck

Clamps up to 5mm. Used at the place of the rotating rear centre. The feed movement results from the displacement of the entire tailstock.

Proxxon Sleeve with quick-action drill chuck

Proxxon Sleeve with quick-action drill chuck


7. Proxxon Turning tool set HSS

Especially for thread cutting with the lathe. Made of high-quality cobalt-containing HSS steel. Fully ground. The wooden box contains one roughing steel, one cut-off steel, one pointed steel (also for layering), one side steel left and right. 

Proxxon Turning tool set HSS

Proxxon Turning tool set HSS


8. Proxxon Tool holder for cylindrical grinding

Tool holder for cylindrical grinding on lathes:

Made of steel with 20 mm MICROMOT system fitting. For precise clamping of the IBS/E or LBS/E drill grinders in the
lathe toolholder. Shank dimension 8 x 10 mm. Total length 65 mm. 

Proxxon Tool holder for cylindrical grinding

Proxxon Tool holder for cylindrical grinding


9. Proxxon Steel holder replacement

3 holders (90 mm long): for roughing and facing; for finishing and longitudinal turning; for boring for holes from 12 mm. TCT plates 55° (coated, commercial version). Incl. 3 spare plates, a fixing screw and a TX 8 key. In wooden box with sliding lid. 

Proxxon Steel holder replacement

Proxxon Steel holder replacement


10. Proxxon PD 400

Precision lathe PD 400:

Centre distance 400 mm. Centre height 85 mm. Centre height over support 58 mm. For machining steel, brass, aluminium and plastic. For facing,
longitudinal turning, taper turning and thread cutting. With a wide range of system accessories you can also drill, mill and groove.

- Main switch with restart protection and emergency stop function.
- Precision lathe chuck according to DIN 6386 (Ø 100 mm).
- With practical multiple steel holder and 2 steel holder elements (height adjustable and with stop).
- Incl. revolving centre punch with MK 2 holder in the tailstock.
- Handwheels made of aluminium with adjustable scale ring made of steel.
- One switch for clockwise rotation, counterclockwise rotation and off.
- Switch for decoupling the lead screw.
- Handwheel for quick adjustment of the support.
- Transverse ribbed machine bed made of grey cast iron. With ground, wide-legged prismatic guide for support and tailstock.
- Clad lead screw with trapezoidal thread (12 x 1.5).

The PD 400 lathe is also available in CNC version (PD 400/CNC).

Engine bed:
Made of high-quality machine casting, cross-ribbed with wide-legged, ground prismatic guide. For vibration-free operation even under high loads. With flange and threaded holes at the rear for mounting the PF 400 drilling and milling unit. Covered lead screw.

Made of die-cast aluminium. Oversized main spindle with two adjustable taper roller bearings and MK 3 mount on the chuck side. Spindle passage 20.5 mm. Concentricity without chuck 1/100 mm. Rotary switch for activating the automatic feed (optionally 0.07 and 0.14 mm/rev). Lead and traction spindle with trapezoidal thread (12 x 1.5 mm).

Made of die-cast aluminium. Tailstock sleeve Ø 24 mm, extendable up to 40 mm. With mm scale. With revolving centre punch MK 2 and 10 mm toothed rim drill chuck (B 12 - holder/MK 2).

Bed slide made of zinc die-cast. Cross slide (adjustment range 85 mm) and top slide (adjustment range 52 mm) made of steel. Top slide can be swivelled for taper turning (graduation up to 45° available). With multiple steel holder and two steel holder elements for quick change and easy height adjustment. For turning tools 10 x 10 mm.

Powerful capacitor motor for two speeds and additional three-stage belt drive. Spindle speeds for stage 1: 80 - 330 - 1,400/min. For stage 2: 160 - 660 and 2,800/min.

Lathe chuck:
High-quality 3-jaw chuck according to DIN 6386, class 1 (concentricity tolerance 0.04 mm). Clamping range due to reversible jaws 3 - 100 mm. In addition lathe chuck protection with safety switch-off.

Made of aluminium, with scale ring adjustable to 0. For cross slides and top slide: 1 scale line = 0.025 mm. 1 U = 1 mm. For tailstock and leading spindle: 1 graduation mark = 0.05 mm. 1U = 1.5 mm.

Support quick adjustment:
By means of a large handwheel via a gear rack attached to the bed.

Thread cutting device:
For left and right-hand threads. With change gears for 19 different pitches (metric): 0.2 - 0.25 - 0.3 - 0.35 - 0.4 - 0.45 - 0.5 - 0.6 - 0.7 - 0.75 - 0.8 - 0.9 - 1 - 1.25 - 1.5 - 1.75 - 2 - 2.5 - 3 mm. Also for inch threads from 10 - 48 threads.

Other technical data:
230 V. 50/60 Hz. Size L 900, D 400, H 300 mm. Weight approx. 45 kg. Motor input power 870 W, output power 550 W. Engine speeds 1,400 / 2,800 rpm.

The basic equipment includes a multiple tool holder with 2 inserts.

Proxxon PD 400
2999.85was 3529.25

Proxxon PD 400