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1. Kesseböhmer Replacement gas spring

Gas pressure spring 200 N for PEKA lift-up fitting.

2. Kesseböhmer Replacement gas pressure spring for lift-up fittings

Gas spring 320 N for PEKA lift-up fitting.

Kesseböhmer Replacement gas pressure spring for lift-up fittings (1 pcs.)
Furniture equipment

Kesseböhmer Replacement gas pressure spring for lift-up fittings

1 pcs.


3. Puag Balcony clothes ventilator

330 mm, incl.

Puag Balcony clothes ventilator (1 pcs.)
Furniture equipment
Quantity discount
12.20per piece for 2 units

Puag Balcony clothes ventilator

1 pcs.


4. Puag Balcony clothes vent


5. Blum OTION for plug-on BLUM 973A

Blumotion for clip-on Blum 973A.

Blum OTION for plug-on BLUM 973A (1 pcs.)
Furniture equipment
Quantity discount
2.85per piece for 4 units

Blum OTION for plug-on BLUM 973A

1 pcs.


6. Kesseböhmer Peka

Spare gas spring for lift-up fitting HB500 600-900,250N,L 212 mm.

7. Blum Servo-Drive

Servo-Drive uno for upright waste solutions. Electric opening support in conjunction with Blumotion - for gentle and quiet closing. For upright waste solutions. No rigid connection between drive unit and pull-out. Pull-outs can be used unchanged. Quick assembly of pre-assembled parts. Also ideal for retrofitting. Consisting of: 2 x Blum spacer buffers, 1 x mounting bracket 1-fold, 1 x drive unit, 1 x transport protection, 1 x drip water protection, 1 x Blum plug-in power supply 16 W, 1 x assembly aid, 7 x screws for Blum spacer buffers and mounting bracket, 1 x assembly instructions, 1 x operating instructions. Carcase side 16/19 mm. Element 500-1200 mm. 

8. Franko Base adjustment feet

Support foot FRANKO VARIFIX 150mm height 148-266mm, black plastic.

Franko Base adjustment feet (1 pcs.)
Furniture equipment
Quantity discount
2.–per piece for 4 units

Franko Base adjustment feet

1 pcs.


9. Sotech Lift-O-Mat

2 pieces original Kesseböhmer compression springsfor Soft-Lift and HSB (high swing fitting). Manufacturer Kesseböhmer. Reinforced version - spring force 250 Newton (265N). These are reinforced original Kesseböhmer spare parts, which can be recognised by the Kesseböhmer lettering and the power factors printed on them. The nominal load capacity is 250N (printed in bold). The actual load capacity is 265N (printed small). New model with improved seal package. In the development of this new model, the graphite-coloured piston rod and the seal package have been optimised. This results in less wear and longer durability. 

10. Peka System Sesame

Multi-purpose shelf Peka Sesame. Can be mounted on the right or left side wall, shelves with closed base height-adjustable thanks to grid system. 1 shelf system. 3 hook-in shelves. 2 hooks. 1 hose holder.