Top-rated products in the Builders’ fittings + Wood connectors category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Charmag Garden gate injury traps

Garden gate injury traps, steel, galvanized.

2. Wolfcraft Undercover Jig Set

3. Do it + Garden Reinforcement angle

With universal screws, countersunk head, screw 3.0 x 16 mm.

4. Locinox Garden gate lock

Garden gate lock Locinox, robust, burglar-proof aluminum lock housing, coated in aluminum color. Complete with aluminum lever handle. Interchangeable operation. Latch stroke 25 mm. Left/right reversible. Bolt adjustable for different frame profiles. Complete with profile cylinder incl. 3 keys with handle PZ, round tube 42-48-60mm. 

5. Simpson Sst Support foot

For compression-only mounting of columns and posts Fastening: Bolts. Dimension A:70 mm. Dimension B:105 mm. Dimension C:90 mm. Material thickness: 6 mm.

6. Hettich Markant 11

Separate assembly of base and flap section allows flap to be retrofitted, flap can be aligned by height, side and depth adjustment, concealed wood milling by cover edge on both housings, flap flush with base on inside when open without height adjustment. 

7. Sherpa Connector

Safety through approved system. Multifunctional in force and application. Standardised and simple calculation. High degree of prefabrication. Rapid assembly.

8. Hager Zierbeschläge furniture hinges

Belt length to roll 170 mm. Width of hinge block with roller 35 mm. Height of hinge block 110 mm.

9. Blum Cross mounting plates

Cross mounting plates Blum Clip corner mounting. Mounting with chipboard screws Ø 3.5 or Ø 4 mm.

10. Meyer Swivel pull-outs for table tops

Swivel pull-out for table tops. The unique swivel pull-out virtually attaches itself. When the swivel arms are unscrewed, they tighten to the mounting plates thanks to left and right-hand threads, thus ensuring optimum stability. The table extension plate is connected and fixed to the swivel arms by stop bars and guide pins. Set for 1 table extension plate consisting of: 2 swivel arms 500 mm with mounting plates ø 100 mm, galvanized steel, 2 stop bars beech with guide pin.