Top-rated products in the Angle grinders category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Bosch Professional GWS 7-125

Smallest handle size compared to other angle grinders in its wattage class for a particularly pleasant working. Powerful 720-watt motor with a weight of just 1.9 kg for working in continuous use, flat gear head for comfortable working even in tight spaces. Specially designed air intakes for optimum cooling of the engine for longer life. Non-rotating protective cover for high user protection. 

2. Bosch Professional GWS 12V-76 Professional

Bosch Professional GWS 12V-76 Professional (76 mm)
Angle grinders
112.– CHF

Bosch Professional GWS 12V-76 Professional

76 mm

3. Bosch Professional GWS 18-125 V-LI in L-Boxx / without battery

This robust battery angle grinder requires little space in use. It is compact, lightweight and equipped with a heavy-duty high-performance motor. Compact design and low weight allow comfortable working especially in narrow places and overhead. Highest removal and cutting performance in its class per battery charge. Innovative CoolPack rechargeable batteries ensure optimum heat dissipation and thus extend service life by up to 100 % (see Li-Ion rechargeable batteries without CoolPack). Bosch Electronic Motor Protection (EMP) protects the motor from overload and ensures a long service life. Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) protects the battery from overload, overheating and deep discharge. The handle can be used left and right. The gear head can be rotated in 90 degree steps. 

Bosch Professional GWS 18-125 V-LI in L-Boxx / without battery (125 mm)
Angle grinders
159.– CHF

Bosch Professional GWS 18-125 V-LI in L-Boxx / without battery

125 mm

4. Makita Cordless angle grinder

Battery angle grinder 125 mm without battery 18 V Makita DGA504Z DGA504Z.

5. Bosch Professional GWS 12V-76

The GWS Professional is a powerful 12-volt angle grinder and impresses with its high stock removal and cutting performance. The compact design and the light weight of only 0.9 kg allow comfortable working, especially in narrow spaces and overhead. The practical battery charge status indicator provides information about the available power reserves at any time. 

6. Bosch Professional GWS 18V-7

The cordless angle grinder GWS 18V-7 Professional is Bosch's handy solution with a practical combination of solid 18 V cutting power and compact design. Thanks to its powerful brushless motor, which delivers the same power as a corded 700-grinder, users have all the power they need for excellent cutting results in their hands. Its light weight, slim handle and protective hood with tool-less attachment guarantee pleasant and comfortable working. This angle grinder has been optimized for versatile cutting work, its balanced design and narrow handle ensure perfect ergonomics. 

7. Einhell TE-AG 18 Li Solo

As the lightest device in its class, this battery angle grinder shows how much power can be contained in a compact and handy device. It belongs to the Power-X-Change family and is ideally operated with the separately available rechargeable batteries from 3.0 Ah. Thanks to its separate motor and gearbox, the angle grinder shows its exceptionally smooth running side even in demanding tasks. SoftGrip handles and an additional handle bring ergonomics into play. With the restart protection and the soft start, even inexperienced users can benefit from a high safety standard. This ultra-compact angle grinder just needs the right charger, the right battery and the right cutting disc - and you're ready to go. 

8. DeWalt DCG405NTXJ

9. Bosch Professional GWS 22-230 JH Professional

Powerful u0096 2,200-watt champion motor for rapid work progress. Low weight for optimum handling. Non-rotating protective cover u0096 Protects the user reliably in the event of the grinding wheel breaking. Restart protection prevents the machine from restarting automatically after a power interruption. Armoured windings protect the motor from sharp grinding dust and ensure a long service life. Double-sealed ball bearings and the particularly robust gear guarantee a long service life. 

Bosch Professional GWS 22-230 JH Professional (230 mm)
Angle grinders
149.– CHF was 159.– CHF

Bosch Professional GWS 22-230 JH Professional

230 mm

10. Bosch Professional GWS 18V-15 SC

Battery angle grinder BITURBO GWS 18V-15 SC. The GWS 18V-15 SC Professional is Bosch's powerful cordless grinder in the 18V category with power capacity for industrial applications. Thanks to its powerful brushless motor, extensively optimised for ProCORE18V battery technology, it provides battery power equivalent to that of a 1,500W corded tool. Via a Bluetooth connectivity module, individual adjustments can be made to the speed setting. which makes perfect work results possible. Equipped with functions such as KickBack Control. Drop Control. Intelligent Brake System and a tool-free quick-release nut, this grinder offers comprehensive tool control. while its user interface provides active-tool feedback. Is suitable for sanding and cutting metal. Is compatible with all Bosch Professional 18V batteries and chargers (Professional 18V System) - maximum power with ProCORE18V = 5.5 Ah - as well as the GDE 115/125 FC-T Professional and GDE 125 EA-T Professional dust extractors. The GWS 18V-15 SC Professional also features constant speed. Overload protection. a keyless guard. a keyless clamping nut. restart protection. soft start and vibration control. Mounting flange (ET no. 2 605 703 014); L-BOXX 136 (1 600 A01 2G0); protective bonnet (1 605 510 365); additional handle Vibration Control (2 602 025 171); quick-action clamping nut (2 608 000 684); 1 x Bluetooth Low Energy Module GCY 42 Professional (1 600 A01 3WF)