Best Windhager products in the Winter plant protection + Garden fleece category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Windhager products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Windhager Separating fleece for pots

The separating fleece prevents the soil from floating up in the flower pot. This in turn has a preventive effect so that plant roots are reliably protected fromstanding water. Also suitable for larger potted plants. 

2. Windhager Metal pegs

A useful accessory for securing plastic sheeting and fleeces. Made of galvanized metal for securely fastening fleeces and plastic sheeting in the soil. Number ofunits: 10. 

3. Windhager Garden fleece

The optimal support for young plants. Forms a growth-promoting microclimate. Protects against frost, insects, wildlife and hail.

4. Windhager Winter protection coconut felt mat

Ideal for overwintering cold-sensitive plants. High-quality coconut felt in use against high sub-zero temperatures - can be cut to any size and saves lives for allthermophilic plants. 

5. Windhager Sandpit fleece

The rot-resistant fabric acts as a filter and protects the sand from mixing with soil. It also keeps weeds and other impurities away from the sandbox.

6. Windhager Grid foil

This particularly tear-proof film, reinforced with PE threads, is used for covering or protecting the terrace and garden area. It is used as a greenhouse film, chimneyor barbeque cover, or as weather proofing for lawn mowers and garden furniture etc. 

7. Windhager raised bed burl film

HDPE studded membrane for the protection of raised wooden beds. Protects the wood from waterlogging. Suitable for raised beds with 2x1m, ready-made.

8. Windhager Planting and underlay tarpaulin

* ideal help when repotting
* incl. 4 handles
* Press studs for fixing the edges Planting base, the ideal companion when planting and repotting. Includes 4
handles and edges can be set up and fixed by means of press studs. Made of robust, water-repellent PE fabric with fleece backing.

After use, the planting mat can be folded and stored in a space-saving way.

Size: 150 x 100cm.

9. Windhager Weed fleece

The weed fleece naturally prevents weed growth. Saves the use of chemicals, keeps the soil warm and regulates the moisture balance. Is translucent and breathable.

10. Windhager Hail protection net

UV-stabilised for use over several years, with reinforced edge.