Best Voltcraft products in the Detectors category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Voltcraft products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Voltcraft Sound Level Meter SL-10

The Voltcraft Sound Level Meter SL-10 allows you to quickly and easily measure sound levels with linear frequency weighting (dBA) using the preset parameters. Ideal for easy measurement of environmental noise or other sound sources. In addition, the meter has two different measuring intervals (Fast/Slow) for different applications. 

Voltcraft Sound Level Meter SL-10

Voltcraft Sound Level Meter SL-10


2. Voltcraft Luxmeter

The device is used to precisely measure the required amount of light in living, working and hobby areas or to check individual luminaires. The handy device has an external light sensor and is easy to operate. Also ideal for hobby photographers or terrarium owners to measure the optimal brightness. 

3. Voltcraft pH meter PH-100 ATC 0.2 pH

Whether the pH value in the swimming pool or the oxygen content and conductivity of the water in the aquarium: poor water values are often the cause of fish deaths, poor plant growth or unsuccessful experiments in schools and laboratories. And when the consequences of poor water quality become apparent, it is usually already too late. Reliable and accurate pH meter for applications in schools, laboratories, aquariums, swimming pools or for quality control. 

Voltcraft pH meter PH-100 ATC 0.2 pH

Voltcraft pH meter PH-100 ATC 0.2 pH


4. Voltcraft SL-100 SE Sound Level Meter 30 - 130 dB 31.5 Hz - 8 kHz

VOLTCRAFT SL-100 SE Sound Level Meter 30 - 130 dB 31.5Hz - 8kHz.

Voltcraft SL-100 SE Sound Level Meter 30 - 130 dB 31.5 Hz - 8 kHz

Voltcraft SL-100 SE Sound Level Meter 30 - 130 dB 31.5 Hz - 8 kHz

5. Voltcraft UV measuring device

With the compact UVA + UVB radiation meter UV-500 you can measure the UV radiation in your environment within a very short time and thus quickly detect possible radiation hazards. The radiation meter can be used in everyday situations as well as in industry or research. It also offers optimal flexibility in use thanks to the external sensor. 

6. Voltcraft Solar energy meter

The SLX-300 series meters capture solar energy values and use them to calculate the total output, efficiency level and optimal orientation of solar power systems. SLX-300 meters are approved for power and transmittance values up to 2000 W/m², or 634 BTU (ft² x h). The product enables fast and reliable measurements. Ideal for measurement tasks in the fields of meteorology, agriculture and physics, in the optical industry, as well as in the placement and orientation of solar collectors and solar water heaters, determining the transmittance of windows, and in solar power plants in general. 

7. Voltcraft Luxmeter LX10

The VOLTCRAFT LX-10 Luxmeter is used wherever precise light measurement is important, and the range of applications is constantly growing. In the commercial or industrial sector, the measurement of light intensity plays an important role in determining whether sufficient light is available, especially for workplace design, product presentation, working with small parts or in garden centres. 

8. Voltcraft Endoscope

40th Anniversary Model. Limited time at a reduced price. Only while stocks last. Detailed view into the hidden Whether in larger plants, machines or piping systems: Looking inside is often as burdensome as it is unavoidable for repairs or maintenance. With its five-meter semi-rigid camera probe with 70° field of view and six-segment adjustable LED light, the BS-701SE endoscope offers the best conditions for illuminating images. With a diameter of just eight millimeters, the probe allows uncomplicated access even to small openings and, thanks to IP67 dust and water protection, delivers razor-sharp images even under difficult conditions. Videos with expressive power Exposure and white balance are automatically adjusted by the camera to the conditions. A 2.0 megapixel sensor and a maximum video resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels allow valid evaluations: The videos in AVI format with a frame rate of 25 fps can be saved on a memory card with up to 32 GB. Clear view on site A 4.3-inch IPS HD display is available for real-time evaluation. IPS displays use specially aligned liquid crystals to provide a wider viewing angle than usual, as well as optimal color and contrast. This eliminates the annoying screen tilt depending on the incidence of light, especially when the included accessories are used: Even though the case with its industrial design has optimal grip, there are still situations where you would like to have both hands free. Therefore, a hook, a magnet and a protective ring in a bottle are included in the scope of delivery to fix the handset. Furthermore, the user manual and a USB cable are included. 

9. Voltcraft PHT-02 ATC

Handy measuring instrument for quick and easy checking of the pH value in aquariums, swimming pools, garden centres, etc.

10. Voltcraft Conductivity meter

Practical tester for determining the electrical conductivity (sum parameter of dissolved solids) in aqueous media. Use it to check ultrapure water or to measure the water quality in aquariums. High measuring accuracy is guaranteed by automatic temperature compensation.