Best Makita products in the Chop saw + mitre saw category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Makita products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Makita LSO815FLN

A cross-cut and mitre pull saw with a 1,400 W motor and high cutting capacity of 65x305 mm. Max. Saw blade diameter 216 mm. An ideal choice for the construction sector and other demanding industries. An integrated laser line ensures precise alignment of the saw blade on the cutting line. Work table can be rotated to the right up to 60° and to the left up to 50°. Saw head tilts 48° to the left and 5° to the right. Easy transport due to integrated carrying handle. With laser line for precise alignment of the saw blade on the cutting line. With integrated LED. Depth stop with marking function. Weight 14.1kg. 

2. Makita LS1219L

A precise chop and mitre saw with a 1,800 W motor for professional use. With a saw blade diameter of max. 305 mm a cutting capacity of 92 x 382 / 107 x 363 mm is achieved. With dual slide system for reduced space requirements. Equipped with an excellent dust extraction system and a laser that displays the cutting line. 

3. Makita LS1019L

With adjustable laser line; aluminium table with lateral extensions; grids at 15º, 22.5º, 31.6º and 45º; quick release device that can be used on the right or left; automatic safety device; integrated transport lock with carrying handle; gear lock for easy sheet change; connection for suction and dust bag; technical data: Power consumption Watt 1510 Watt; Saw blade diameter 260 mm; Saw blade bore 30 mm; Cutting capacity at 90° / 90° 68 x 310 / 91 x 279 mm; Angle cut at 45º 68 x 218 / 91 x 197 mm; Angle cut 45° + 90° L 42 x 310 / 58 x 279 mm; 45° + 90° R 29 x 310 / 43 x 279 mm; sound pressure level 91 dB(A); mitre cut at 60° R 68 x 155 / 91 x 139 mm; mitre cut at 45° L/R 68 x 218 / 91 x 197 mm; vibrations 2nd order5 m/s²; factor K (vibrations) 1.5 m/s²; sound power level 101 dB(A); factor K (sound) 3 dB(A); dimensions (LxWxH) 805x644x660 mm; weight (EPTA) 27.2 kg; speeds 3200 rpm. 

4. Makita LS1018LN

With adjustable laser line. Mitre cuts: left 47º, right 60º. Aluminium table with side extensions. Depth stop for groove cuts. Grids at 15º, 22.5º, 31.6º and 45º. Quick clamping device for right or left-hand use. Automatic safety device. Integrated transport lock with carrying handle. Gear lock for easy blade change. Connection for suction and dust bag. Motor brake, starting current limitation. 

5. Makita LH1201FL

A compact crosscut, miter, and table saw with a powerful 1,650 W motor and high cutting capacity of 62 x 200 / 95 x 155 mm. Max saw blade diameter 305 mm. Easy change between table saw and miter saw. Its versatility makes this saw an ideal choice for construction sites. 

6. Makita LC1230N

Fast, low-spark metal cutting. Metal cutting saw with powerful 1,750 W motor, saw blade diameter 305 mm and a cutting depth of max. 115 mm. For fast and almost spark-free cutting of metal. Tool-free adjustable vice for mitre cuts up to 45°. With quick clamping device. 

7. Makita DLS211ZU

Powerful brushless cordless crosscut and mitre saw with Auto-start Wireless System for dust extraction for demanding applications. An extremely powerful and fast cordless crosscut and mitre saw with a dual slide system for sawing large workpieces. The brushless motor is powered by 2 x 18 V rechargeable batteries, giving it a power output of 36 V. Its cutting speed is comparable to electric saws. With AWS for automatic start of external suction. 

8. Makita MLS100N

Lightweight crosscut and miter saw with stepless tilt adjustment to the left from 0° - 45°. Rotary table adjustment left and right up to 45°. Cutting depth and tilt adjustment easily and quickly adjustable. Connection for external suction. For occasional, non-professional use. 

9. Makita LH1040F

Combined machine can be used as a cross-cut and mitre saw or as a circular table saw Turntable can be rotated to the right by 52° and to the left by 45° Saw head can be tilted to the left up to 45° With safety switch-on lock against unintentional switch-on Soft start and motor brake External extraction system can be connected With separately switchable interface lighting with 4 bright LEDs Supplied accessories: carbide saw blade Dust bag Saw blade protection Support extension Rip fence 

10. Makita LF1000

Two machines in one: mitre/crosscut saw and circular table saw.