Best Pebeo products in the artist paint + handicraft paint category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Pebeo products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Pebeo Drawing Gum

Drawing Gum is a gum liquid for application and later removal for masked painting with inkWatercolor, gouache.... It is applied with a brush or pen to the parts of the drawing that are to be masked or hidden. The paint is applied after the rubbing crepe has dried. To expose the masked parts of the image, simply rub off the rubbing crepe with a finger or with the help of an eraser once the colors are completely dry. 

2. Pebeo Studio Acrylics silicone Oil

Additive for acrylic paints to be used in conjunction with Pébéo smoothing medium to allow the formation of cells. A few drops in the medium color mixture is enough (maximum 3 to 8 drops depending on the amount prepared). Adjust according to the desired effect (be careful, too much silicone oil can form "holes" in places).

Surface preparation
Changes the property of the acrylic paint
Finish to preserve the artwork
Ideal Mixed Media® - mixed techniques.

3. Pebeo Set of 5 pipettes

5 pipettes: ideal for precise dosing and application of Pébéo colors and resins.

Reactive color for bubble effects
Noble finish
Thick layer application by pouring
colors with a stick before use
Suitable for numerous substrates
Exclusive only at Pébéo
Ideal Mixed Media® - Mixed techniques.

4. Pebeo Gédéo Non-Firing Modelling Clay 1,5 Kg Loaf Concrete Grey

Concrete gray color, unfired clay is the natural clay for modeling, which hardens independently in the air, does not require firing, achieving high strength, hardness and toughness. Its loamy nature gives it a very good plasticity for modeling and the natural fibers present allow it to dry without cracking, even with larger or massive objects. It allows modeling with very fine details. Can be modeled and turned on the potter's wheel. Hands and clothes can be easily cleaned with water. A damp cloth allows cleaning all remaining product residues from surfaces and furniture. After drying, the clay can be painted or varnish. It can also be polished, sanded or perforated. Can be waterproofed after complete drying (4-5 days) to make sealed "non-food" containers. Maintains its material properties in the original packaging for a period of at least 2 years.

Natural concrete gray clay Ready to use. Hardens within 4 or 5 days without firing.

Very pliable No cracking during drying.

Can be sealed waterproof, not suitable for food.

5. Pebeo Gédéo Gilding Paste

Liquid mixture, ready to use, to apply the gilding and mirror effect sheets.

6. Pebeo Gédéo Resin

Two-component epoxy resin casting compound: casting resin and hardener. Transparent and solid, perfectly imitates glass paste. Allows mouldings, inclusions up to 2 cm thick for a small volume, coatings or laminates. Equally suitable for beginners and advanced users. 

7. Pebeo Colorex water ink

Transparent watercolour ink with a dye base. Extremely vivid colours and a velvety finish. Colours can be mixed with each other. Ideal for watercolour painting, manga, comics, bullet journals and calligraphy. Use pure or diluted with water: with brush, airbrush, pen, in combination and refills of Colorex Markers.

Colorex Complementary Colours Set 12 x 20 ml.

Composition: Light yellow, orange, turquoise red, crimson red, violet, ultramarine blue, spring green, beige rosé, sienna natural, payne grey, white, ivory black.

8. Pebeo 7A Spray

Aerosol watercolour for fabrics, black colour. Opaque colour, matt finish. Spray paint for fabrics. Solvent free. Water-based
High opacity. Pigmented colours. Does
not affect the suppleness. Machine washable, wash after fixing. For most pre-washed textiles: cotton, wool, cotton/wool, knitwear, jersey, velvet, jacquard fabrics, polyester, fibre blends, non-woven fabrics, even leather. 

9. Pebeo Acrylcolor Classic Assortment 4 Bottles

Range of 4 "Classic" colors, for the artist in the making. Multi-surface varnish, glossy finish.

Acrylic multi-surface paint, which is not removable after drying.
aspiring artists who want to paint on any surface
Opaque, bright colors
Glossy finish, no varnish needed to protect the painting
Hands and painting utensils can be easily cleaned with soap and water before the paint dries

Painting surfaces
Paper, cardboard, wood, salt cellulose, bristol, plastic, plaster, self-hardening cellulose, metal, recyclable media, papier-mâché, eggshell, cork, pebbles, dried plants...

10. Pebeo Studio Acrylics Gesso

Very opaque white primer for the preparation of surfaces to be painted. Allows a well adherent support. Apply to a clean, non-greasy surface. Dries quickly and has a slightly matte finish to facilitate adhesion of paint layers. For oil-coated canvases, sand the dry surface before applying the gesso.

Surface preparation
Changes the property of acrylic paint
Finish to preserve the artwork
Ideal Mixed Media® - mixed techniques.