Pathway lights

A suitable exterior lighting should not be missing. Different types of garden lamps make it possible to light up your garden properly. There are different types, which have different properties depending on the requirements. On the one hand, there is the bollard lamp, which is classically fixed in the ground with screws and is normally used to illuminate a path. The earth spike lamp is a particularly flexible lamp. Today at the garden pond, tomorrow next to the garden bench - pull it out of the ground, choose a new spot, put it back in the ground - done.
Pole lights resemble street lamps and give your garden a certain nostalgia. If you are looking for an outdoor lamp that should provide a lot of light, it is best to use a classic spotlight. If you are looking for a facade luminaire, you should switch to the product type wall and ceiling luminaires and filter according to the property "suitable for outdoor use".

Brands like Philips Hue even allow your lamps to light up automatically when movement is detected. They are among the smart luminaires and can be configured as required.

Pay attention to the power connection when buying your outdoor lighting. Alternatively, you can also choose a solar-powered light - so you are free from any distance and cable length. However, solar lights should be placed in a sunny place so that they can get enough sun during the day. Solar-powered outdoor lamps often also have a twilight sensor that switches on automatically in the dark.

Find the right mood light for your garden online and choose from brands such as Eglo, Nordlux, Philips, Star Trading and many more.

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