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    Give long-lasting joy with dried flower arrangements

Cut flowers

Give something special as a gift: We now carry the right bouquets for various occasions, but also for your own personal fragrant decoration at home. In our shop you will find bouquets for Valentine's Day, birthdays, Mother's Day, Easter, mourning or simply as a gift.

How does the shipping work?
Sending flowers fresh is not witchcraft, but it requires special packaging. For this reason, the bouquets are sent in special flower boxes. In this way they are additionally protected from shocks.

Water supply
The flowers are delivered with a water supply in the form of a "flower diaper". This ensures that the stems do not dry out during transport and that the flowers arrive fresh at the recipient. The "flower diaper" is not a full water supply, so it is important that the flowers are freshly cut upon delivery and immediately placed in a vase with fresh water.

There are two options for delivery. Either you have the product delivered to your home and bring it personally to the person receiving the gift. Or you can enter a billing address and a separate delivery address during the order process. If we offer bouquets for special occasions with a specific delivery date, you will find this information in the title or in the short description.