Burglary protection + alarm system

Burglars (almost) always enter your home through either a door or a window. These are the entry points that should be secured to prevent a burglary. To do so, a good door lock or window lock is essential.

There are a wide range of window protections. For example, you can add extra window bolts or install a wireless sensor that immediately triggers an alarm when the window is opened. Of course, there are also smart versions of such sensors that send you an immediate notification via app when someone opens your window. The same applies to door protectors: There are a wide range of possibilities to prevent burglars from visiting your home.

If you often misplace or lose your key, you will also find keyless door openers, which make sure you don't have to keep an eye on your keys all the time, but can open your door via smartphone app on with a numeric code.

We offer products by Burg Wächter, Abus, Nuki, Eve, HomeMatic and many more well-known brands.

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Nuki - Keypad Combo 2.0 CH

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