When buying light bulbs, we recommend looking out for energy efficiency and lifespan in addition to colour and power (watt):
LED bulbs are leading in terms of energy efficiency and lifespan. They are available
with a screw base or pin base, which is why they can be used instead of regular light bulbs and halogen bulbs. Their energy efficiency and long lifespan make them the most sustainable and therefore the most beneficial for both the environment and your wallet. So it’s definitely worth exchanging your old bulbs for LEDs.
As their name suggests, energy-saving bulbs also save considerable amounts of energy compared to regular light bulbs and halogen lamps. However, they contain toxic mercury that may leak in the event of breakage.
In view of their luminous colour, we recommend low-voltage halogen bulbs for desk lamps and bedside lamps.

Bacteria Lamp: a lamp made of your bacteria

Bacteria Lamp: a lamp made of your bacteria

Buy it, use it, resell it: it’s as easy as this
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Buy it, use it, resell it: it’s as easy as this

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Star Trading Decoration (E27, 0.90W)
Parathom Classic (E27, 1521lm, 12W)
OSRAM Parathom Classic (E27, 1521lm, 12W)
Calex Party Ball (E27, 12lm, 1W)
17.60instead of 22.202A++
Star Trading LED Filament A60 3er-Set (E27, 230lm, 2.50W)
Star Trading Decoration (E14, 90lm, 1.30W)
44 of 5 remaining
33.50was 42.–1A+
Star Trading Flammene (E27, 300lm, 6.20W)
Fascinating Lights Cracker (300cm)
Star Trading ST64 (E27, 80lm, 4W)
Star Trading Decoration (E27, 45lm, 1W)
11.70was 13.–1A++
Xavax High Line (E14, 400lm, 4W)
Star Trading Grazia (E27, 230lm, 2.50W)
Star Trading A165 Industrial Vintage (E27, 250lm, 6W)
33 of 3 remaining
7.10was 7.901A++
Star Trading ST64 (E27, 80lm, 0.75W)
Decoline Decoration (E27, 25lm, 0.70W)
44 of 4 remaining
8.65was 9.751A+
Star Trading Decoline Decoration (E27, 25lm, 0.70W)

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