Artificial plants

Are you looking for a plant that will survive in any location? For example in a dark or very cool room? Thanks to textile plants this is possible! We offer you a wide range of textile plants and various artificial flowers. So your flowers will survive even if you do not have a green thumb. 

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Paperflow - Bamboo (1200mm)

Luwatex - Hedera (1800mm)

Luwatex - Areca Palm (1800mm)

Luwatex - Orchid (650mm)

Luwatex - Orchid beauty (650mm)

Luwatex - Phalaenopsis (300mm)

Luwatex - Hedera (500mm)

Luwatex - Hedera panached (250mm)

Boltze Home - Philodendron (1100mm)

Luwatex - Mini-Flower (110mm)

Luwatex - Guzmania (300mm)

Paperflow - Fig tree (1200mm)

Esultar - Decoast (970mm)

Luwatex - Orchid (550mm)

Luwatex - Hedera panached (250mm)