Best products in the Water bottles + Thermos flasks category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Westmark Viva

WESTMARK drinking bottle 'Viva' 1 l, grey, removable soft cover protects against damage, screw cap BPA-free, leak-proof, suitable for every to-go occasion, whether sports, leisure or work, easy to clean, glass container dishwasher safe. 

2. Camelbak Eddy+ Kids

Replacement straw and mouthpiece in a double set. Suitable for all CamelBak Eddy+ Kids drinking bottles.

3. 24 Bottles Urban

Simple design, little weight. This sophisticated and handy reusable bottle is designed to weigh as little as possible in order to fit comfortably in your handbag while assuring a high drinking performance during your daily activities. Handy and durable, this Urban Bottle comes with a tactile satin finish in a variety of colours to match your mood of the day and to complete your outfit. 

4. Sigg Cleaning brush

5. Camelbak Eddy+

The Eddy® + Kids water bottle, an everyday companion to many lunchboxes, is now made from Tritan™ Renew, a highly durable and lightweight plastic made from 50% recycled material. Eddy + Kids bottles are not only a reusable feel-good item, but also spill-proof when open and leak-proof when closed - no more soggy backpacks. Just bite in to take a sip and close the bottle when you're done. The easy carry handle and fun designs make hydration fun on any adventure. The lid and bottle are odour and stain resistant, dishwasher safe and free from BPA, BPS and BPF. Tritan Renew is made with Polyester Renewal Technology, a recycling process that is more efficient than traditional mechanical recycling. It produces new material with less demand on finite resources. Fun, functional, sustainable. Recommended
for children from 3 years.

6. Chilly’s Monochrome

The Chilly's bottle is a revolutionary reusable bottle that keeps your water warm for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. Specially designed for the urban lifestyle, with a perfect balance of unmistakable style and superior performance. 

7. Chilly’s Series 2 Liberty

The Chilly's Series 2 500 ml water bottle was specifically designed to provide you with excellent drinking pleasure. It continues to cool your cold drinks for 24 hours and your hot drinks stay warm for 12 hours. In addition, the antimicrobial drinking cap allows you to drink comfortably and the adjustable hanger is particularly practical on the go. 

8. Sigg Shield One Brushed

Leak-proof and sustainable. The Sigg Shield One drinking bottle is the ideal companion for all leisure activities, sports, in the office or at school. It impresses with its high-quality design. The One Top protects the mouthpiece from dirt and dust and makes the drinking bottle easy to use with one hand: this applies to carrying, opening, drinking, closing and securing the bottle. The leak-proof drinking bottle is also suitable for carbonated drinks. The extra-large opening helps when cleaning and filling the bottle, so that even ice cubes fit into the bottle. Drinking enough water is the key to good health; as a constant companion, the Sigg bottle ensures a regular supply of water - for years to come, as it has a particularly long service life. The sports bottle does not contain any harmful substances - including phthalates or oestrogen-active substances. Thanks to the high-quality 18/8 stainless steel, the water bottle is neutral in taste and odour. All Sigg bottles are produced responsibly with the aim of reducing the use of disposable bottles. 

9. Xavax Sports bottle

Reusable sports bottle perfect for carbonated and non-carbonated drinks to take with you, for sufficient hydration during all sports activities and on the go. With just one push of a button, the snap closure of the drinking bottle can be opened and immediately quench your thirst while jogging, cycling, hiking and fitness. You can drink quickly without having to suck or squeeze on the large top. Leak-proof with silicone seal in the lid and safety lock on the click closure. Drink bottle with detachable fabric wrist strap, drink in hand when on the move or quickly ready on the carabiner of your running or hiking rucksack. Water bottle for still water, sparkling water, fruit spritzer or isodrinkles. Fruit spritzer and lemon slices do not affect the sports bottle food-safe: material leaves no taste residue. Closure protects against wasps and other insects; children can drink from it safely. Lightweight companion for all sports, also as a bicycle bottle in the bicycle bottle cage. This reusable bottle can be used for many years with its durable and robust materials. The trendy pastel shades make the drink to go taste even better. 

10. Black + Blum eau good

What has been known for the Japanese for centuries often seems curious to us. The same is true for carbon pencils used to filter/clean water. What sounds contradictory to us actually works. The activated carbon Binchotan neutralises the PH value and supplements your tap water with vital minerals. The spare carbon pins are compatible with the products of the Eau Good series. Binchotan has a lifespan of 6 months.