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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Assos GT Socks C2

Classic cycling socks with functional technologies for cooling and improved support. With longer shaft for a clean and modern look.

2. Puma Quarter

73% cotton, 25% polyester, 2% spandex.

3. Skinners Comfort 2.0

Packed with a perforated insole, durable polymer sole and functional fibers. Designed to keep up with you no matter what adventure you're immersed in. Applications of Skinners: The goal was to create a compact yet protective footwear for sports and travel without the weight and size of normal shoes. Skinners offers footwear that is easy to use, transport and maintain without sacrificing comfort, functionality, fit or safety. The product, which adapts to your body, activates every muscle and tendon so you can move easily without limits. Thanks to its compact size and "second skin" feel, Skinners is the perfect footwear for sports (short runs, workouts, yoga, water sports) and works just as well as a spare pair of shoes (traveling, camping, hiking, biking, etc). Running and hiking : stretch and activate your feet. Skinners adapt to your body, activate every muscle and tendon and let your feet do their thing. 

4. Assos GT C2

Cycling gear is effective when it does its job so well that you forget it's even there. These GT Socks, like their predecessors, are the perfect example of this. They wick moisture, prevent odours and support the metatarsal, arch and ankle. We've reworked the design with new yarns, improved breathability and a 16 cm shaft height. 

5. Rohner Trekking socks Hiking

Hikers hungry for summits need durable materials and sophisticated workmanship. This sock is made of quick-drying merino wool and offers special cushioning, exceptional softness and excellent warmth properties. It is also moisture repellent. The improved heat regulation technology offers the highest thermal properties with the lowest possible weight and cooling effect when you need it. The clever padding has a targeted effect on the instep, high heel and shin in crucial zones. 

6. adidas Cush Crew

These calf-length socks with their cotton material and full-length padding make you feel comfortable. They come with a built-in foot arch support for a secure fit and soft seams in the toe area. The minimalist adidas branding completes the sporty look. 

7. Salomon Double pack Hiking Performance Pro

The Salomon - Performance Pro trekking socks are made of a blended fabric. The toe and heel area are additionally reinforced. The non-slip fit and ankle fixation give the sock a good grip.

67% Cotton
20% Polypropylene
11% polyamide
2% Elastane.

Salomon Double pack Hiking Performance Pro
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Salomon Double pack Hiking Performance Pro


8. Skinners Kids 2.0

Your child needs your support from the first step. With the new Skinners Kids Line, you'll help him take full advantage of the natural and original barefoot walking experience. In contrast to sturdy shoes, walking in barefoot shoes trains the sense of balance, strengthens the muscles of the foot and fibula, prevents malpositions and promotes healthy posture. The cut-resistant sole protects your small, sensitive feet at all times without having to support them. Your child will feel and feel all the ground in complete freedom and discover the world anew with every step. The ideal play companion whether in the house or in the fresh air. On the playground, in the forest, on the terrace, in the children's room - wherever shoes are superfluous and socks offer too little protection. Protects from cuts, whether on the lakeshore or in the water by the sea. Even the hot sand doesn't bother the sensitive little foot anymore thanks to Skinners. Which child would like to keep his shoes on when travelling? Ideal opportunity to allow your feet full mobility in trains, buses, airports or airplanes and thus to activate the vein pump while at the same time being protected from dirt. Gymnastics, gymnastics, self-defense sports and for many other sports super suitable. Highly mobile and non-slip sole, ideal for indoor and outdoor use. 

9. Lenz Heat Sock 5.1 Toe Cap

Cold feet are a thing of the past. The heated socks from Lenz are the perfect companions. The socks are for all women's and men's feet that don't want to freeze on cold days and do without a heated sole. The completely heated elements enclose the toe areas and give off even more noticeable warmth. This means that the upper part of the toe is also warmed up and guarantees better circulation in cold temperatures.
New Lenz Heat Sock 5.1: improved fit and higher elasticity. The lithium pack is barely noticeable under the special comfort cuff. High-quality fibre combination for maximum comfort. Machine washable up to 30°C. Press studs for attaching the PowerSock battery pack. Non-perceptible heating elements thanks to double-layer construction. Polygiene guarantees active odour control. Maximum moisture transport thanks to high-quality materials. Ergonomic shape and ring bandages ensure a perfect fit. Special protectors protect the foot. Footbed padding increases wearing comfort. 30 % polyester, 25 % wool, 20 % polyamide, 15 % polyacrylic, 5 % silk, 5 % elastane.

This is only the sock, the battery for Lenz heat socks is available here: RCB 1200 without Bluetooth | RCB 1200 | RCB 1800. Lenz heat socks 5.1 ToeCap Package contents:1 pair Lenz heat sock 5.1 toe cap. Washbag with zipper. They recommend the Hey Sport Microwash. This detergent eliminates bacteria even at low temperatures.

10. Lenz Heat Sock 5.1 Slim Fit

Toe Cap Technology. All-round warmth for the toes. Ideal for narrow feet and legs. Improved elasticity in the calf area. Anatomically knitted for optimal fit. Ring bandage guarantees stabilisation in the ankle and forefoot area. Integrated protectors on shin, toe and heel as well as ring bandage. Material mix of merino wool, functional fibres and silk. Machine washable at 30 degrees.