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1. Sport-Thieme Hurdle Set Flexible

The Sport-Thieme Hurdle Set Flexible: super light and super practical - The Sport-Thieme Hurdle Set Flexible consists of 4 hurdles each in 3 different heights. These 12 mini hurdles in total are made of extremely flexible plastic that does not break even when stepping on the hurdle. Missteps on the hurdle itself remain without consequences, as the material straightens itself up again. In addition, the training aids are ultra-light: the 12 hurdles weigh only 1.9 kg and are therefore very easy to transport and to assemble and dismantle. - Product details: - Material: Flexible plastic - Weight (total): Approx. 1.9 kg - Colour: yellow, blue, red - Set components: - 4 yellow hurdles (WxH: 45x15 cm) - 4 blue hurdles (WxH: 45x23 cm) - 4 red hurdles (WxH: 45x30 cm) Sport: Football Product type: Hurdles 

Sport-Thieme Hurdle Set Flexible
77.– CHF

Sport-Thieme Hurdle Set Flexible

2. Huspo Discus hall

Plastic non-staining. Official weight for training. Latex-free, non toxic. For beginners. Diameter: 18.2 cm. Weight: 0.75 kg.

Huspo Discus hall
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9.75 CHF was 13.90 CHF

Huspo Discus hall

3. Huspo Gymnastic band

FIG standard. Satin silk. Conical glass fibre rod, swivel and eyelet. Width 5 cm. Length 6 m.

4. Huspo OL post umbrella

Nylon, 3-sided. IOF standard. 15 x 15 cm.

Huspo OL post umbrella
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Huspo OL post umbrella

5. Huspo Baton

Aluminum, hollow. Competition standard. Various colours.

Huspo Baton
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Huspo Baton

6. Sport-Thieme Spare block

Replacement block for starting block Super.

7. Dunlop Hurdles set 16 pcs.

Your perfect training aid for team players and individual fighters!
You train coordination and speed:
So you create individually large fields for bouncing and jumping
exercises. According to your needs.
- 10 pylons diameter approx. 20.5 cm
- 5 poles length approx. 54 cm
- 1 carrying bag
- Train and optimize coordination, speed and agility.

8. Gladiatorfit Baton

Technical information
Dimensions : 0.3x0.028x0.028cm
Weight : 50.00kg
Colour : Red
Material : AluminiumTraining: Set of relay tools designed for team running.

Functionality : Hollow and light, the stick is easy to pass. Its size adapts to the hand shapes of different age groups and provides a comfortable grip.

Safety: Made of high quality, non-toxic, harmless and wear-resistant aluminium alloy material.

9. Betzold Hurdle set

Ideal sports aid: Build running paths with different heights and train your agility and speed.

4 Different heights: The hurdles can be adjusted to 15, 23, 30 and
37 cm in height, offering different levels of difficulty.

In the set: Included are 4 hurdles in yellow, red, blue and orange.

Scope of delivery

4x hurdles in the colors yellow, red, blue and orange.

10. Huspo Training hurdle

Single, made of durable PVC. Colour orange.