Top-rated products in the Table tennis tables category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Stiga Performance Outdoor

Well-designed family table with the unique and safe Compact System. The top is specially prepared and treated to withstand heat, rain, humidity and cold.

2. Relaxdays Table tennis table

The blue table tennis table can be folded in the middle and easily transported thanks to a handle. Whether indoors or outdoors, whether in the home, office or garden: with the table tennis table you show your talent at the racquet everywhere. Challenge your colleagues in the office or play Ping Pong with your little ones. There is no need to worry about additional table tennis accessories, as 3 table tennis balls, 2 table tennis bats and the net including metallic holders are already included in the scope of delivery. 

3. Gubler Swiss-Line Grischa

The hobby table tennis table was developed especially for those who want to discover the joy of playing table tennis in a relaxed way. This table with a blue playing surface will provide a lot of fun in the family circle.
Thanks to its anti-corrosion treatment, it is insensitive to the weather conditions of the different seasons: burning sun and heat as well as frost, snow or rain are no problem for the table. The tables are not assembled (surcharge for assembly)
delivered. Easy assembly with easy to understand instructions. A maximum of parts is pre-assembled.

Play surface/frame profile:
Melamine resin board 4 mm
Colour: blue
conditionally impact resistant
Surface resistant to moisture
firmly bonded with metal substructure

Round tube profile 25 mm, powder-coated
4 double wheels (diameter 125 mm), all wheels can be swivelled

Rotary handle system with latching mechanism when table is folded into parking position

Play position: L=274 cm x W=152,5 cm x H=76 cm (corresponds to international tournament size)
Parking position: L=155,5 cm x W=74 cm x H=165,5 cm

Supplement: including assembly instructions with language booklet

Gross weight: 51 kg
Net weight: 47 kg

4. Stiga Winner Outdoor

The perfect table for hobbies and outdoor games. The tabletop is specially prepared to withstand heat, rain, humidity and cold.

5. Cornilleau 100X

The affordable yet well-made 100X table allows as many people as possible to enjoy the pleasure of table tennis. It is compact, easy to move with its large wheels, easy and safe to store and handle and also offers storage for balls and bats. The solid core laminate table top is designed to withstand the toughest tests. Heavy rain, snow, extreme heat - it stays the same in any weather. It even stands up to rough treatment - racket blows and other impacts pass it by without a trace. All metals used in the 100X table have an anti-corrosion coating and were chosen for their resistance. The 100X table tennis table has 8 locking points, in accordance with current standards. This system guarantees that the boards remain perfectly horizontal in the playing position and perfectly vertical in the storage position. To activate, simply press the buttons on the sides of the table. The frame is the metal structure that supports the playing surface. Taller frames ensure that your board stays flat longer. The frame of the 100X, as with all of Cornilleau's outdoor tables, is made of Aluzinc, a corrosion-resistant alloy of steel, aluminum and zinc known for its extreme durability. At 40mm high, the table's 100X frame is thick enough to ensure a firm grip. If you want to play at the highest level, make sure you can play in the sun without being blinded. The Softmat coating applied to the 100X table reduces the intensity of the sun's rays by three times compared to an uncoated table. With its 4mm thick resin laminate playing surface, the 100X table gives you ball bounce quality that is perfect for everyday use. A great table to enjoy a game of table tennis with friends or family. 

6. Cornilleau 510M Pro

This highly attractive static and very sturdy outdoor table is designed for very intensive sport use; ideal for camp sites, swimming pools, outdoor playgrounds.

PRO line includes a wide variety of tables intended for schools, clubs and institutions. Special attention has been given to the sturdiness of the materials to ensure intensive use. Equipped with many features of the Competition line, these tables will satisfy the most demanding players especially for the quality of play.

Mat Top playing surface
Exclusive to Cornilleau, the MAT TOP antiglare coating on the outdoor model offers excellent ball bounce and adherence as well as preventing dazzle from the surface when playing in the sun.

7. Cornilleau Suisse

The Suisse Edition Crossover table tennis table impresses with its great look. The Suisse Edition table tennis table is available exclusively in Switzerland. The curved feet provide excellent stability, the large wheels make it look adventurous and the spacious sides are especially practical for storing the colorful bats. The easy folding and unfolding of the foldable net is another advantage, as it takes up much less floor space when storing the board. At the same time, it enjoys all the advantages of a larger table tennis table. 

8. Schildkröt Mini table "Midi XL

Think of the modern terraced house garden or the city apartment. But also the parking dimension is nice and compact, the foldable legs lie very close to the top. Together with the total weight of only 11kg it is easy to stow away. Robust construction: Surface - 12mm MDF board blue with very good ball bounce, the base is made of 25mm thick, blue powder coated steel tube. The feet are individually height-adjustable - very stable stand even on uneven ground. The MDF board is NOT rainproof. After playing on the terrace, please simply put the compact, light table in the dry quickly. An easily attachable net is included. The Midi XL is also a fun alternative to normal large table tennis tables and a full evening activity for your next garden party or housewarming party. It is an ideal gift for the table tennis freak or also a special form of table tennis training in the club or private. Due to the low price compared to normal records, it is also ideal for the somewhat smaller purse - without really having to cut back on playing fun. Donic enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide in the table tennis competition segment and is the supplier of numerous well-known top players. The German traditional brand Schildkröt has been established on the market for well over 100 years and is considered the inventor of the table tennis ball. Donic-Schildkröt is today the undisputed market leader in leisure table tennis in Central Europe. Production takes place in the BSCI certified turtle factory in China under the highest social standards. 

9. Cornilleau 600X

Wouldn't it be great to have a refreshing drink to hand when you're playing table tennis? As with all storage options, the designers took inspiration from your comments to create these bottle holders that you can simply fold away when not in use. No more glasses sitting around on the table waiting to be knocked over in the middle of a great shot. Who will be the first to score eleven points and win the game? Now everyone will know the score - no more chance for cheaters. If you don't want to use it - e.g. for rotating table tennis - just fold it away under the table. Automatically height and tension adjustable net: You're right on the money with the 600X. As soon as you unfold your table, the net posts automatically move into position. Choose the right height for your game using the knob at the base of the net post. Then adjust the tension by pulling the cord and blocking it with the clamp. Your net is set perfectly and you're ready to go. The 600X has a variety of storage options. On the sides of the table, you can store your racquets and balls, empty your pockets and use the accessory holders, and even stash a small bottle for thirst. During a game, there's no need to hunt for a ball - just grab one from the conveniently positioned dispenser. Every detail has been designed for maximum comfort and simplicity. The 600X table is equipped with an innovative system that makes it easy to adjust the feet. All you have to do is turn the knob to adjust the table to the right height - without any effort. The table does not need to be lifted, as the mechanism is not directly attached to the foot and has no direct contact with the floor. Simple and effective. Excellent rebound quality: with its 7 mm thick resin laminate playing surface, the 600X table offers you a great playing experience. The thicker the board, the better the bounce. The ball bounce quality of the 600X table can compete with most tables you will find in table tennis clubs, although the latter - made of particle board - are much less resilient. If you want to play at the highest level, make sure you can play in the sun without being blinded. The MATTOP coating absorbs the intensity of the sun's rays and reduces their glare by ten times compared to an uncoated table. The only thing that will blind you is the superior quality of your forehand and backhand shots. Not all gardens are perfectly level, but your ping pong table needs a level playing surface. Thanks to the rotating pads on the bottom of the feet, the 600X adapts to any type of floor. Place your table wherever you like without compromising the quality of your game. Turf, dirt, gravel, sand - whatever the terrain, your table knows how to handle it. The frame is the metal structure that supports the playing surface. Taller frames ensure that your tabletop stays flat longer. The frame of the 600X, as with all Cornilleau outdoor tables, is made of Aluzinc, a corrosion-resistant alloy of steel, aluminum and zinc known for its extreme durability. With a height of 60mm, the 600X table has an impressive frame that provides impeccable support. Safety and Durability. Ultra-rugged materials: the solid core laminate table top is designed to withstand the toughest tests. Heavy rain, snow, extreme heat. 

10. Teqball Teq Lite

The TEQ LITE retains the main features of the TEQ SMART table in that it can be folded for storage, taking up little space, and is easy to transport thanks to its lockable wheels. The TEQBALL tables are all UV and water resistant, making them suitable for outdoor use without any problems.