Top-rated products in the Balance cushion category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Airex Balance Pad Elite

The special waffle structure on the upper and lower sides of the Airex Balance-pad Elite provides non-slip protection and at the same time stimulates the foot receptors during barefoot balance training. Thanks to the destabilization by the Balance-pad Elite, the body is constantly challenged to maintain balance and stabilize the joints. The training with the Balance-pad Elite can be used to specifically train a combination of conditioning and coordination skills such as strength, endurance, differentiation and balance. 

2. Schildkröt Balance Cushion

Round balance cushions made of PVC (phtalatefrei), inflatable, massage nubs, 33 cm, incl. mini pump, limegreen, logo print. In the carton. To improve balance, coordination, power and circulation. Specially shaped knobs increase the perception of the body, suitable for foot massage. 

3. MFT Fit Disc

MFT Fit Disc helps prevent injuries and helps correct joint and spinal problems. It is ideal for home use, particularly suitable for good agers (50+) and great for use at the workplace during a quick break and for group training in fitness studios and rehabilitation centres. Suitable for entry-level all-round workouts, fitness-conscious people of all ages and fitness levels. 

4. MFT Challenge Disc 2.0

The smart MFT Challenge Disc 2.0 contains motion sensors with a Bluetooth module for wireless communication with an iOS, Android or Windows mobile device or notebook. It recognises how well the movements can be balanced, how the balance can be kept and gives a training recommendation with which level the training should be started. The patented movement mechanism enables athletes, seniors and children to achieve a coordinated training level. Constant feedback motivates further training and gives control over the progress of the training. The coordination test shows you your personal performance level. The 5 level training/therapy program and 6 training games increase your health and performance step by step. The app also allows for small competitions. A ranking list allows you to compare the results with a partner or to save your own results. 

5. Airex Balance Pad

With its smooth surface, the Balance-pad offers the ideal introduction to barefoot balance training. The foam gives way and the body is constantly challenged to maintain balance and stabilize the joints. The training with the Balance-pad can be used for targeted training in combination with physical and coordination skills such as strength, endurance, differentiation and balance. 

6. Sveltus Balance

The goal of a balance board is to stand as still as possible. Several areas of the body are then targeted for a workout of different, stabilizing muscle groups. For increased difficulty, any exercises from the training can also be performed on the balance board. Made of wood for durability and equipped with a non-slip surface. 

7. Tunturi Balance board with handles

The extremely practical new Tunturi balance trainer with handles can also be used for training floor exercises such as push-ups. By continuously improving the balance, the fibre training of the muscles is strongly activated. The underside of this Balance Trainer has a non-slip surface. 

8. Togu Senso Balance Hedgehog Set of 2

Coordination, balance, agility and body awareness are promoted by the unstable padding in young and old. Especially the ankle joint and arch of the foot are trained. For children, it makes them enjoy exercise and helps to avoid boredom. 

9. Togu Dynair ball cushion Senso XL

The Dynair Senso XL ball cushion from Togu is the ideal instrument for optimising balance and coordination, whether used as a seat pad in the office or as a stability trainer. The Togu Dynair Senso XL ball cushion provides an optimal sitting position for the back and increases body balance. The Dynair Senso XL ball cushion is equipped with knobs on one side of the surface and creates an additional attraction (proprioception). 

10. Bosu Pro NexGen

"Both Sides Utilized" - usable from both sides: The Bosu Balance Trainer Pro for balance, strength and stability is the ideal training device for mobile and stationary use and has an important side effect in addition to its many training effects: fun. The special structured surface of the new Bosu NexGen provides a better hold for feet and hands and a more pleasant feel during balance training. Thanks to the markings, symmetrical positioning of hands and feet becomes easier and more precise. The textured surface of the Bosu Balance Trainer NexGen enables precise positioning and movement of hands and feet for cardio, mobility, strength, trunk, balance and mobility exercises. Every single square centimetre thus has an influence on training success and efficiency.