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1. Huspo Hand counter

Counter from 0 - 9999, reset button.

2. Huspo Starting Block Training/Competition

Robust stainless steel construction, galvanized. 16 adjustment points, kicking blocks ergonomically shaped and adjustable to 4 angles of inclination. Particularly suitable for tartan track, available with fixing nails for other tracks on request. 

Huspo Starting Block Training/Competition
149.– CHF

Huspo Starting Block Training/Competition

3. Huspo Spear Class T -

School sports/training. Aluminum powder coated, steel tip.

4. Trial Starting blocks

Trial Start Block Soft: Perfect for children's athletics - The Trial Start Block Soft are ideal for athletics training with children. They are made of special rubber and have a non-slip underside - so the blocks are not only safe in the gym, but also on the sports field. In addition, the Trial Start Block Soft has 2 different inclinations so that the blocks can be individually adjusted to the needs of the children. - Product details: - Material: special rubber - Dimensions (LxWxH): 26x9x8 cm - Weight: 1.6 kg (pair) - Colour: Blue Discipline: Running Training goal: Fast Use: Training Use: Indoor 

5. Sport-Thieme Hurdle Magnetic

Sport-Thieme Magnetic hurdle: Safe jump training - The Magnetic hurdle made of steel from Sport-Thieme is used in athletics training. Perfect for sprint and jump training with children, young people and also adults. The safe and easy-to-use spring-loaded mechanism allows you to set the 5 different heights. Assembly upon receipt is quick and easy: The scope of delivery includes the required tools, with which you can assemble the hurdle in no time. - Product details: - Hurdle material: steel - Crossbar material: plastic with 2 magnets - Width: 60 cm - Adjustable heights: 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60 cm - Approx. 30 cm when hurdle is tilted - Weight: 3.2 kg Discipline: Running, Jumping - Training target: Higher - Type of sport: Football, Athletics - Product type: Hurdles - Equipment: Height adjustable - Material hurdle frame: Steel - Counterweight: No - Height adjustment: 40/45/50/55/60 cm - Hurdle bar material: Plastic - Dimensions (LxWxH): 107x70x85/150 cm - Weight: 3.2 kg - Area of use: Training 

Sport-Thieme Hurdle Magnetic
81.90 CHF

Sport-Thieme Hurdle Magnetic

6. Trial Exercise discus

Trial discus - For beginners and professionals - The trial discus is the perfect training tool for learning the throwing technique and is used in athletics. Your advantage: Whether left- or right-handed - simply everyone can train with this. For beginners, a grip recess is provided on the discus. Advanced athletes use the integrated grip recesses and the "competition stance". - Product details: - Thickness (inside/outside) 4.1 cm/1.8 cm Use: training - Use: indoor, outdoor - Weight: 0.50 kg - Colour: pink - Body material: plastic - Diameter: 20 cm - Ring material: plastic 

7. Huspo Baton

Aluminum, hollow. Competition standard. Various colours.

Huspo Baton
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Huspo Baton

8. Betzold Hurdle set

Ideal sports aid: Build running paths with different heights and train your agility and speed.

4 Different heights: The hurdles can be adjusted to 15, 23, 30 and
37 cm in height, offering different levels of difficulty.

In the set: Included are 4 hurdles in yellow, red, blue and orange.

Scope of delivery

4x hurdles in the colors yellow, red, blue and orange.

9. Huspo Gymnastic tape

FIG standard. Satin silk. Conical fiberglass rod, swivel and suspension eye. Width 5 cm. Length 6 m.

10. Huspo Training

Cast iron coated, primed and polished.