Best Anita products in the Sports bras category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Anita products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Anita Air Control with Delta Pad Sports Bra

The ultra lightweight among sports bras. Like a second skin, barely noticeable and yet excellent support: breathable, finely perforated, exclusively developed foam shells DeltaPad with cutouts in the lower and side areas, ensures permanent air circulation and a perfect body climate. Together with the ultra-light mesh in the outer cup, it creates a unique look with maximum function. Ergonomically shaped, full-length padded straps that adjust to size run in two widths, a breathable mesh back backed with strong power tulle for stable support, and extra-flat seams and flat, soft finishing bands at the neckline and armholes. Perforated underbust band is extra soft, air-permeable and supportive. A high-performance touch of nothing - A must-have for all sporty women. 

Anita Air Control with Delta Pad Sports Bra
Sports bras

Anita Air Control with Delta Pad Sports Bra

2. Anita extreme control sports bra

The performance-oriented extreme control sports bra that knows no compromise. Three-part, sewn cups with side-supporting crescent give your breast up to large sizesa beautiful shape and firm support. The combination of sewn cup and inner seamless molded cup is unsurpassed. The perfect interaction of highly functional piqué fabric with functional terry keeps your skin wonderfully dry. 

3. Anita Air Control Sports Bra

The article Women Air Control sports bra is perfectly suitable for . The product was manufactured by Anita. Target group are ladies.

4. Anita Soutien Gorge EXTREME CONTROL 5527 Bonnets B et C

Wearing a sports bra is essential to preserve your breasts during sports activities.
When you jog, for example, your chest moves with each 9cm stride.
The study
by Dr. Joanna Scurr of Portsmouth University, a doctor and sports researcher, has shown that the rebound of sensitive breast tissue is reduced by more than 74% when wearing a sports bra, whereas a normal bra only retains it by 38%, which is very insufficient.

ANITA's Extreme Control bra is ideal for intense sports practice. It offers reinforced support to limit up and down movement of the chest.

Highly functional Atmos quilted fabric that quickly absorbs moisture from the body and actively wicks it away.

Ergonomic and fully fleece-lined shoulder straps.

Net on the back to promote skin breathing.

Outside of the cups in 3 parts with side reinforcement, made of piqué fabric.

Seamless microfibre cup liners for outstanding wearing comfort with no annoying rubbing.

Soft and anatomical underbust band, adapts to the shape of the body for remarkable support.

Ergonomically designed, lined and back adjustable shoulder straps for maximum comfort.

Composition: 75% polyester, 15% polyamide, 5% elastane, 5% cotton

Care instructions: prefer delicate linen or quick wash cycles at a temperature of 30°.
It is preferable to put fragile laundry in a washing net and not to use a tumble dryer.

Sizing guide :

To choose your ANITA bra size, measure :

1/ Your chest circumference on the largest part of your chest at the point (passing under the arms).
2/ Now measure your circumference 1 cm under the chest.

Measure 2/ tells you which tower size to choose:

Chest circumference
(in cm)




Bra Size




The formula 1 - 2 tells you which size to choose for the hat:

Difference in cm



Cup size



Anita Soutien Gorge EXTREME CONTROL 5527 Bonnets B et C (75 C)
Sports bras

Anita Soutien Gorge EXTREME CONTROL 5527 Bonnets B et C

75 C

5. Anita Air Control Sport Bra

The women's Air Control sports bra by Anita is the perfect companion for your mountain sports activities.

Anita Air Control Sport Bra
Sports bras
58.90was 68.70

Anita Air Control Sport Bra


6. Anita Ladies Air Control padded sports bra

The women's Air Control sports bra by Anita is the perfect companion for your mountain sports activities. The breathable material ensures an optimal body climate. Even after very intensive activities, the fabric dries very quickly. The fast moisture transport ensures that the body does not cool down. The elastic material makes every movement. The bra is very durable. 

Anita Ladies Air Control padded sports bra
Sports bras

Anita Ladies Air Control padded sports bra


7. Anita Momentum

Sports bra 5529

* Outside hydrophobic eyelet
* Inside hydrophilic grottee
* Seamless molded cup
* High-waist band for added support
* Breathable mesh

8. Anita Sports bra light & firm

Sports bra 5521

* Light weight - Firm support
* Breathable material - Dry feeling
* Seamless molded cup made of highly functional microfiber.

9. Anita Momentum 5529

The breathable high-tech material ensures a balanced body climate and thus promotes your athletic performance. This sports bra also reduces breast movement to a minimum and provides maximum support even in large cup sizes. In addition, you will be spoilt by the new, extremely flat seams and the terry soft seamless cups. A further plus point: continuously padded and adjustable relief straps protect your neck. 

10. Anita Extreme Control 5527

The sports bra from Anita has a three-part outer cup with fabric supporting the sides. The bra has a highly functional piqué on the outside and seamless hydrophilic terry cloth on the inside. The ergonomically cut relief straps are very comfortable. The bra is provided with a breathable mesh back.