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1. X-Bionic Energizer 4.0

Higher speed and more safety. Exactly the philosophy of X Bionic. Convincing products, such as the Bionic Energizer, are not simply replaced, but made even better. Months were spent by the Swiss textile engineers, together with competitive athletes in the development labs. The focus was on the athletes. How can the athlete be supported even more effectively? In the end, the Bionic Energizer was hardly recognizable. Greatly enlarged 3D Bionic Sphere System, defined ventilation channels, improved joint protection. The Thermosyphon adds an extra dimension to the special features of the 3D Bionic Sphere System. Y-shaped elements support the natural thermodynamics and and thus improve sweat management. The ergonomically optimized waistband with a higher cut line in the back area keeps the garment in place. 

2. X-Bionic Invent 4.0 Women's functional underwear

With the Invent 4.0 Pants from X-Bionic you already profit from your first steps into the world of winter sports with a significant performance boost. This functional underwear is designed for women who want light compression and effective thermoregulation for a moderate level of activity. It consists of a very dense material in which the functional zones are seamlessly integrated and can act with pinpoint accuracy. The legendary 3D Bionic Sphere System provides optimal thermoregulation in the front area and at the coccyx with proven effectiveness. Sweat traps prevent sweat grooves and additionally support the cooling effect. The ExpansionKnee at the knee joint offers optimum climate comfort and at the same time guarantees unrestricted freedom of movement.

- Retina® Ultra High Definition Quality

- Perfect fit through Aktiv-Bund® and IDEO-Waistband.

X-Bionic Invent 4.0 Women's functional underwear
Functional underwear
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X-Bionic Invent 4.0 Women's functional underwear


With the X-BIONIC Energizer 4.0 fitness trousers, you can jump, turn and move freely without restriction, while your lymphatic flow improves and thus reduces the signs of cellulite.
The stabilisation and support of weak connective tissue is made possible by the Cohesion Wrap Technology, which also improves metabolism and reduces dimpling.
The integration of the patented 3D Bionic Sphere System with Thermosyphon Technology ensures an optimal performance climate that cools when you sweat and warms when you are cold, preventing overheating and hypothermia.
The integration of the award-winning HeliXcoil technology, which wraps around the leg, absorbs shocks and prevents the build-up of lactic acid, makes the fitness trousers perfect for your next workout.
The Expansionknee technology covers the knee with an accordion-like structure to maintain insulation even when the knee is bent.

4. X-Bionic Invent 4.0 Run Speed

With the X-BIONIC Invent 4.0 Running Speed Shorts Women you can rely on high-tech comfort to boost your performance. The weight-optimized models of the X-BIONIC 4.0 generation are specifically made for female runners.These shorts are made with ultra-high resolution Retina technology and integrate precise functional zones for performance-enhancing climate regulation.The Two-Step Front 3D Bionic Sphere system on the lower abdomen and the optimized 3D Bionic Sphere system on the coccyx are highly active areas that ensure effective temperature balancing in the ultra-thick knit.Perfectly positioned Sweat Traps absorb excess sweat and allow it to evaporate for precise cooling.The proven Innerlap Airconditioning Zone in the inner thigh area and the targeted insulation of the Iso-Pads ensure optimal climate and wearing comfort.3D-Bionic Sphere SystemThe 3D-Bionic Sphere System leaves residual moisture to the skin that the body does not feel as wetness. There are no sensors for sweat. Only when drops form and run do we perceive "wetness" via this mechanical stimulus. Sweat Traps absorb this wetness before it becomes palpable, lead it to evaporation and dispose of it through the dynamics of heat. Back on the skin, an imperceptible film of moisture remains, which cools. Because: No sweat - no cooling.ActiveWaistbandThe highly elastic active waistband ensures a secure fit and hold without restricting or hindering movement.IDEO-WaistbandThe ideally designed, ergonomically optimized waistband with a higher cut in the back keeps the garment in place even during constant movement.ISO-PadThe targeted insulation of individual body areas against ambient cold can prevent the body from cooling down. For this reason, ISO pads over the hip bones store the necessary body heat to maintain the function of internal organs.Innerlap AirConditioning ZoneThe inner thighs are less sensitive to cold in relation to muscle performance. Instinctively, we know: This is where we can tuck our cold hands in and warm them up to bring our overall heat sensation into balance more quickly. This is the area where the Innerlap AirConditioning Zone is placed. Air permeability is increased in this area, and the insulation layer is reduced, so climate control is enhanced by air exchange.Sweat TrapsPass on excess moisture. Sweat forms a fine film of moisture on the skin. Drops are collected in the sweat traps and led to the evaporation surface expander. Evaporation occurs on three levels: On the skin to cool down, in the Sweat Traps excess moisture can be processed, on the Evaporation Surface Expander for final evaporation of excess moisture.Venus XT RibVertical ventilation channel for increased air exchange and thus sweat management.X-Bionic PartialCompressionThe X-Bionic Partial Compression takes advantage of compression without neglecting cooling. Heat is generated during sport. In extreme situations up to 1,200 watts. The athlete releases 90% of this heat through the skin and thus maintains his body temperature at 37 °C. The X-Bionic partial compression exerts pressure in a targeted manner via 1 mm thick bars. To the left and right of these, a pressure-free zone is created without any mechanical pressure that could negatively affect the skin's blood circulation. The blood vessels remain open. The partial compression takes the skin into account as a cooling surface and can thus optimize the human climate balance for better performance. - Size information: Size runs normal - Fit: Close-fitting cut Season: Summer Material: Composition: 88 % polyamide, 7 % elastane, 5 % polypropylene - With compression effect Trousers - Leg length: Short Running trousers - Type: Running... 

5. X-Bionic Energizer

X-Bionic Energizer
Functional underwear
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X-Bionic Energizer

6. X-Bionic Energizer 4.0 3/4 Women's functional underwear

With their moderate compression, the Energizer 4.0 Pants ¾ from X-Bionic fulfill all the wishes of demanding winter sportswomen who want to benefit from outstanding comfort and performance-optimizing thermoregulation. These pants are made of an ultra-dense knit that integrates 13 highly effective technologies. Functional zones with temperature-balancing and protective effects are precisely positioned to support your performance on chilly winter days without feeling constricted. The 3D Bionic Sphere System is further enhanced by ThermoSyphon technology: complex 3D structures and Y-shaped elements maximize air exchange, cooling when you sweat and warming when you freeze - now even faster and more efficiently than ever.

- Retina® ultra-high definition quality.

X-Bionic Energizer 4.0 3/4 Women's functional underwear
Functional underwear
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X-Bionic Energizer 4.0 3/4 Women's functional underwear

7. X-Bionic Invent LT Boxer Shorts

In warm weather and during sporting activity, the body is at risk of overheating. Loss of performance is the result. This is because 90% of heat regulation in humans takes place via the skin. Invent counteracts the risk of overheating and was created by the X-Bionic developers especially for use in the warm summer months. Worn directly on the skin, it unfolds its air-conditioning effect depending on the intensity of movement. It cools when you sweat and warms when you are cold. - Fit: close-fitting cut - Details: - Low compression - Type: Boxer - Material composition: 93 % polyamide, 4 % elastane, 3 % polypropylene - Size information: Size runs small Material - Material type: Synthetic fibre Features - Seat padding: no - Compression: yes - Thermal function: no - Special features: Quick-drying Care instructions - Ironing: do not iron - Drying: do not tumble dry - Washing: 40°C gentle cycle - Bleaching: do not bleach - Dry cleaning: do not dry clean. 


The new X-BIONIC® INVENT® LT BOXER SHORTS WOMEN are your feel-good insurance for any sport. Because this functional underwear for women is extremely adaptable and skin-friendly. And because the moisture management of this decision layer supports your performance in the best possible way. Many intelligent technologies increase your comfort and optimize your skin climate, above all the patented, award-winning 3D Bionic Sphere® System. It cools when you sweat and warms when you're cold. So you perform better in every situation. Vertical channels, the Venus XT Ribs, support effective climate management. This is especially important when you're doing intense sports and need to succeed in air exchange with layers above. The new X-BIONIC® INVENT® LT BOXER SHORTS WOMEN are designed with this in mind, even during extreme activity. Because the IIdeo waistband, an ergonomically optimized waistband with a higher cut line at the back, ensures a secure fit. 

9. X-Bionic Invent 4.0 Men's functional underwear

With the Invent 4.0 Pants by X-Bionic, you'll benefit from a significant performance boost right from your first steps into the world of winter sports. This functional underwear is designed for men who want light compression and effective thermoregulation for moderate activity levels. These pants are made from an exceptionally dense fabric that seamlessly integrates functional zones for pinpoint effectiveness. The legendary 3D Bionic Sphere System ensures optimal thermoregulation in the front area and at the coccyx with proven effectiveness. Sweat Traps prevent perspiration and additionally support the cooling effect - and these are by no means all the highlights!

- Retina® ultra-high definition quality

- Perfect fit thanks to Active Waistband® and IDEO Waistband.


X-BIONIC® ENERGY ACCUMULATOR 4.0. pants Women - ENERGY ACCUMULATOR 4.0. technology leader for highest performance in all climates and weather conditions. The high partial compression® optimizes blood circulation and skin cooling. - ONLY WITH X-BIONIC® 4.0: INNOVATIVE RETINA® ULTRA-HIGH DEFINITION TECHNOLOGY. Provides ultra-high definition texture, ultra-high impact density and ultra-precise body zoning. - AWARD-WINNING, PATENTED 3D BIONIC SPHERE® SYSTEM WITH THERMOSYPHON® TECHNOLOGY. Contains complex 3D structures of air channels. It cools when you sweat and warms when you freeze. - IDEO-WAISTBAND IDEALLY DESIGNED, ERGONOMICALLY OPTIMISED. Gives the garment a secure hold even during constant movement thanks to a higher cut in the back.