Best 3R products in the Bob sledges + Sledges category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best 3R products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. 3R Original Davoserschlitten

The Davoser wooden sledge from 3R Original Davoser is the absolute classic among Swiss sledges. The Davoser sledge is handmade in eastern Switzerland according to traditional plans. For generations, the sledge has been made from local ash wood. Thanks to the practical pull cord, the sledge is very easy to transport. The Davoser wooden sledge from 3R Original Davoser offers ultimate riding fun for the whole family. Type of wood: Ash. Origin of wood: Switzerland. People: 2 seats. 

2. 3R Sled bag

The children's sled bag features a very warm fleece inside and is ideal for the sled seat. The bag has six belt slots and a non-slip back for optimal hold of the children on the sledge or toboggan. Suitable for the sled seat from 3R and many more. The hard-wearing sled bag keeps out cold, wind and rain and is suitable for washing machines when dirty. It can be opened completely with three zips. This makes it easy to put the child safely inside and you can also use it as a large soft lying surface. 

3R Sled bag
Bob sledges + Sledges
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3R Sled bag

3. 3R Flizzer

Comfortable and manoeuvrable toboggan for the traditional family and sledging day. Similar to the traditional Davos design, but good riding characteristics thanks to modern toboggan technology. Comfortable seat and easy steering. 

4. 3R Sledge seat

Sledge seat made of Swiss ash wood, ideal for any sledge.

Very robust and durable. Made from the warm material wood. Assembly is done in a few easy steps thanks
to the assembly strips. One mounting strip for sledges and one for toboggans are supplied with each seat. The sled seat is also available with a seat belt. 

5. 3R Sledge Original Davoser 100 cm

Material: Wood, Conscious features: No feature, Colour: Brown, Number of persons: 1 child, 1 adult, Type of sport: Sledging.

6. 3R Liquid wax

7. 3R Sled Bag Children, Red

Conscious features: No feature, Product type: Sled bag, Sport type: Sledding.

3R Sled Bag Children, Red
Bob sledges + Sledges
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3R Sled Bag Children, Red

8. 3R Swiss Racer

Extremely manoeuvrable and cornering-friendly single-seater for youth and light adults

9. 3R Folding Sled

With 3R's foldable sled, you and your child can toboggan down the mountain together. Thanks to the runners made of special steel, you are guaranteed optimum gliding properties. It is also easy to fold so that it can be easily transported. The steam-bent Swiss ash is lacquered with weather varnish, which ensures a high level of protection against the weather. The nylon steering and pulling rope included in the scope of delivery makes it easy for you to steer the sled. 

10. 3R Swiss Racer 112

Extremely manoeuvrable and cornering single seater. Comfortable seat and sporty steering. Good gliding thanks to wide runners made of special steel. Available for adults in the length 112cm with 45cm width. For teenagers/light adults in the length 107cm with 39cm width.