Best Tarmak products in the Basketball hoops category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Tarmak products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Tarmak B100

For outdoor basketball play (adults/children). Adjustable to 5 heights (2.20 to 3.05 m). This basketball hoop with stand is ideal for beginners. For adults and children, 5 playing heights can be set from 2.20 m - 3.05 m (official height). Robust, stable basket. 

2. Tarmak k500 176071

Basketball hoop for boys/girls up to 8 years. The K500 is a height-adjustable (1.3 m to 1.6 m) basketball hoop. The standing basketball hoop is ideal for children up to 8 years. Expandable: adjustable to 4 heights in 1 minute without tools. Robust and easy to set up. 

3. Tarmak B100 EASY 305519

Ideal for playing basketball outdoors (adults / children). Five-way height adjustable without tools (2.20 to 3.05 m). With casters for easy moving.
Unique basketball
hoop. 5-fold height adjustable without tools. 2 wheels on the front of the base provide mobility. 

4. Tarmak B700

The B700 Pro basketball hoop is suitable for outdoor basketball play (adults/children). Adjustable height 2.40 to 3.05 m. This basketball board has excellent playing characteristics thanks to adjustment wheels. It is 7-way adjustable in height from 2,40m to 3,05m. With Circle Flex, specially designed for dunking. 

5. Tarmak B501

Ideal for outdoor basketball game (adults / children). The B500 is adjustable in height (2.40 m to 3.05 m). The assembly and disassembly takes less than 1 minute. This basketball hoop on wheels is simply ingenious: it can be assembled and disassembled in 1 minute without tools, effortlessly adjustable in four heights and is super mobile due to the wheels. 

6. Tarmak B500 Box Post Assembly SAV 332277

To replace the posts for basketball hoop B500 Box These posts are used to repair the basketball board B500 so that the whole family can have fun playing again!...

Tarmak B500 Box Post Assembly SAV 332277
Basketball hoops
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Tarmak B500 Box Post Assembly SAV 332277

7. Tarmak 345084

Cette sangle est adaptée pour remplacer le système de réglage de hauteur de votre panier de basket K900 Cette système de sangle couleur rouge et noir vous permet de réparer votre panier de basket K900 pour retrouver le plaisir de vos parties familiales ! 

8. Tarmak B100 PRO Screw Kit 306707

Replacement screws for the B100 Pro basketball board This screw set is used to repair the B100 Pro basketball board so that the whole family can enjoy playing again!..

9. Tarmak 345073

Replacement castors in a pack of 2 for basketball hoop K900. These wheels in orange are for repairing the K900 basketball board so that the whole family can enjoy playing again!.. 

10. Tarmak Kit Visserie B200 Easy Espace 306007

Replacement screws for basketball hoop B200 Easy Replacement screw set for basketball hoop B200 Easy.