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Spalding Gold IN-GROUND 54 Basketball Hoop

The Spalding Gold In Ground 45 Basketball System made of transparent acrylic and sturdy aluminum frame.

The approx.
137cm wide backboard is made of transparent acrylic. The stable aluminum frame and the "H-Frame" board bracing guarantee long durability and safety. The "Pro-Image Breakaway" basketball ring is equipped with a durable all-weather net. U-Turnlift system - the proven U-Turnlift system offers a stepless, exact and easy height adjustment of the basket (between 2,13 m to 3,05 m).

The Key Facts at a glance:

- Fixed location due to floor mounting

- Ground sleeve for easy installation and removal

- Bracket spacing of 60 cm allows play under the basket

- Board size: 54" (137.2 cm)

- Board type: acrylic with steel frame. With board base

- Rim: Arena Slam™ Breakaway Rim

- Drain from base to rim: 19" (48.26 cm)

- Lift type: U-turn™ infinite lift

- Height adjustment: 7.5' to 10' (2.28 to 3.05 m)

- Base: Ground sleeve

- Bar: 4 inch (10.16 cm) square

- Package Dimensions: 44.10" x 28.90" x 7.90".

2. Spalding Basketball Net Competition

Standard white net fits standard rims.

Spalding Basketball Net Competition
Basketball hoops
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12.–per piece for 2 units

Spalding Basketball Net Competition


3. Spalding Slam It

Training indoor and outdoor. Basket cushioned, incl. net. Ring made of steel. Without counter plate.

4. Spalding Attachment Youth

Backboard 81.30 cm made of composite material, basketball ring with durable all-weather net, weatherproof and rustproof, posts with telescopic height adjustment, diameter 5.08 cm, base: Mobile, fill with water or sand (approx. 53 litres). 

Spalding Attachment Youth
Basketball hoops
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Spalding Attachment Youth

5. Spalding TF Portable

Mobile recreational facility. Durable, solid steel construction. Basket Pro Slam. Basketball basket with white all-weather net. Pro Glide height adjustment 228 - 305 cm. Plastic base, rollable. Filling with water or sand (approx. 140 liters). Acrylic basketball board 132.1 x 81.3 cm with steel frame. H-frame board support with additional board protection. Post protector vinyl. Weatherproof and rustproof. Round steel post 8.89cm. Projection 27.94cm. 


Spalding Standard Basketball Rim

The Spalding Standard Rim Basketball Hoop made of steel is a sturdy basketball hoop for mounting on backboards or walls.

Standard Rim Basketball Hoop made of steel. You can mount this hoop directly to your backboard, garage door or wall and it comes standard with a white net.

Key Facts at a glance:

- 2 7/8" x 2 1/2" mounting bracket

- Steel rim

- Net included

- Designed for indoor and outdoor play

- Backed by Spalding's warranty.

7. Spalding Basketball Set Rookie Gear

2 pcs. Basketball equipment Spalding Youth, backboard 81.30cm composite, basketball hoop with durable all-weather net, weatherproof and rustproof, posts with telescopic height adjustment from 1.40 ? 2.00m. Post diameter 5.08cm, Base: Mobile, fillable with pebbles and 10 pcs basketballs Spalding Rookie Gear, size 4, indoor/outdoor. Lighter than the normal size. Delivery unassembled. 


Spalding Momentous 54 Basketball Hoop

The Spalding Momentous EZ Assembly Portable Basketball Hoop can be assembled in 30 minutes and offers superior performance
and durability.

The future of portable hoops is finally here! Introducing the first hoop of its kind: The Momentous™ EZ Assembly™. The Momentous can be assembled in 30 minutes or less by anyone while providing superior performance and durability to enhance your game. Gone are the days when it took you 3+ hours to set up your portable hoop. The Momentous™ has been redesigned for the ideal gaming experience, featuring a performance acrylic backboard and legendary cantilever arm for more stable gameplay. As we know from almost all reviews, hoops are meant to be played on for hours, not set up. With the Momentous™ EZ Assembly™, basketball setup or gameplay will never be the same.

Key Facts at a glance:

- Backboard size: 54" available

- Performance acrylic board

- 18" offset

- Sheet steel frame

- 8' to 10' height adjustment

- Crank stroke

- Removable handle

- 2.75" square steel mast

- Base fills with 36 gallons of water or sand

- Base dimensions: 54" x 32

- Two wheels

- Designed for outdoor play in residential areas

- Package dimensions: 63.5" x 35.6" x 12.8".

9. Spalding Basketball Board Mini Space Jam Tune Squad grey-orange 79007Z

Each mini board comes with a softball from the original Spalding collection for the premiere of Space Jam 2. Perfect for the office or children's room. Very easy and quick to assemble. Print the board with the hero of the film, NBA player Lebron James. Colour: grey/orange. 

Spalding Basketball Board Mini Space Jam Tune Squad grey-orange 79007Z
Basketball hoops

Spalding Basketball Board Mini Space Jam Tune Squad grey-orange 79007Z

10. Spalding Competition facility

Mobile. For international tournaments. Reach: 3.25m. Automatic Lifting Mechanism" (ALM). "Direct Mount System" of ring target board support to prevent glass breakage during dunkin. Retractable wheels. FIBA + TÜV approved, Made in USA.